The Xbox One Experience

After a lot of contemplation and after numerous occasions when I added the Xbox One console to the cart and then later bail out, I finally did order Xbox One from Amazon. This set me down by INR 39,990. Also, I needed the second controller to “challenge” my friends and Amazon was offering INR 2,000 discount on the second controller, so I went ahead and purchased that as well. Now, I had pre-ordered the Xbox one and this offer was valid back then, so you may want to check out if still holds good. And yes, I got a INR 4000 gift voucher and FIFA 15 bundled with the console. Technically that’s a redeemable code which can be used to download the game directly on your Xbox One console.

So, the Xbox One console arrived and I wasted little time in un-boxing and getting on with the setup.

First Impressions

One look at the console and you start admiring it. Flashes of the Xbox 360 that was launched back in 2005 came to my mind for a second, but then you realize how fast has the technology evolved. The Xbox one bears little resemblance to its predecessor.


If you describe the console in a word, it has to be “Large”. Everything from the console, the power brick and even the kinect is large. The Console is bulky and in no way space efficient, however the bulkiness is justified by the amount of breathing space in the console as it is very quite and runs relatively cool. You will only find HDMI and digital audio ports on the console, the tools of the next generation.

The controller is sleek and sexy. The texture is amazing. The triggers have been improved which run on rumble motors. The thumb-sticks are smaller and more accurate. The D-pad is now across and the controller is very comfortable to use. The Xbox One does not come with rechargeable batteries, so you have to spend extra on that. I have been playing for more than a week now and the battery has not given up. Yes, the battery life is good.

User Interface and Navigation

The User interface is inspired from the Windows 8 platform. Colored tiles are used which makes it easier to navigate between pages. You can “pin” your favorite games and apps which makes it easier to access them. If you are using kinect, you can use a wide range of voice commands to make the Xbox one do your bidding. You can switch from games to apps easily and quickly. The kinect sensor recognizes the player holding the controller and it even says hello ! Very cool.

Gaming Experience

It all comes down to this – your gaming experience on the Xbox one. I must confess, it is mind-blowing ! The powerhouse of a console delivers the most amazing graphics and gameplay experience. I am currently playing FIFA 15 and Watch Dogs on my Xbox One console and it has been every bit an enjoyable experience.

There are a ton of other features on the Xbox one ranging from the snap tool where you can snap the screen into two parts, Game DVR – record and upload videos, Smartglass, Xbox music and the ability to watch live T.V. or stream online videos. This a really a complete home entertainment system. Xbox One feels futuristic. The game library is quite small right now but will soon catch up. And with the exclusive Xbox one titles that are in line, you have no reason not to get super excited !

How do you feel about the Xbox One console ? Do let us know in the comment section below.

So what are you waiting for ? Order your Xbox One Console today !