WPJobBoard Review: Create Online Job Board on WordPress

If you running a popular website or blog on WordPress, you can take advantage of this very useful plugin called WPJobBoard

WPJobBoard is a WordPress jobs plugin that lets you create an online job board on WordPress. This job board can serve a lot of purposes.

WPJobBoard Review
  • You can post job opening for your blog if you want to hire staff – A writer for example.
  • Your visitors can post job openings at their firm.
  • You visitors can post their resume and search for active jobs.

In short, WPJobBoard turns your WordPress site into a fully functional job board. Today we will take a detailed look at this plugin.

WPJobBoard Plugin Review

There are plenty of features offered by WPJobBoard, however the core feature of the plugin in the ability to turn your website into a job board thereby giving it the capability to publish job listings which the job seekers can then apply to.

In addition to this, job seekers have the option to submit their resumes on your website which is then saved in the database. Employers can then see through the resumes and contact the potential candidates.

The best part is that you can monetize your WordPress website using WPJobBoard plugin. You can charge employers for posting vacancies and accessing the resumes of the candidates just like a traditional job portal.

You can select from two pricing options. You can either charge the employer for one-time access or you can give them membership which enables them for unlimited access for the specified time duration. Of course, you decide the pricing.

Each employer can create a profile on the job board. Any job opportunities that they list is directly linked to their profile. This gives the potential candidate a chance to read through the company description of the employer, which is great.

Job seekers can also create their profile which gives them exposure among recruiters, they can promote their specialization and it also enables recruiters to search the candidates based on skill and area of expertise.

Once a recruiter clicks on the particular job seeker, they are navigated to their profile and can contact them directly through the integrated contact form.

Top features of WPJobBoard

Easy installation

Installation of the plugin is very simple. Just head to the Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard, click on New and then search with the keyword WPJobBoard. Once the installation is completed, activate the plugin. You can easily achieve this on a new or existing blog.

Theme support

WPJobBoard works well with any WordPress theme that is available out there. You just need to install and customize the plugin itself. Also, the developers make sure to keep the compatibility up to date with new versions of WordPress.

Third-party integrations

WPJobBoard can be easily integrated with various third-party services like Paypal, Stripe etc. This makes the things like payment hassle-free convenient.

SEO and automation features

The plugin automatically distributes jobs to various job aggregator and social media websites thereby increasing the number of page views and improving search engine optimization. Also, the plugin enables you to automatically send email job alerts as well.

Easy to use editor

WPJobBoard boasts of an easy-to-use editor that lets you use the drag and drop functionality to create, and rearrange forms, job boards and even add additional entries. Things couldn’t be more easier!

Good documentation and support

WPJobBoard offers excellent documentation on everything that is there related to the plugin. From setup instructions to creating a new job to managing the features. Also, the customer support is really good and user-friendly who answer to your queries within 24 hours.

Who can leverage the features of WPJobBoard?

Entrepreneurs – Being the pioneer of a niche and being profitable is the trademark of a successful entrepreneur. Now you can leverage WPJobBoard’s customized deployment at, minimal cost and enjoy an efficient and fast job board functionality.

Web developers – A lot of customers want an integrated job board functionality on their website with minimal cost. This is where WPJobBoard comes to the rescue. As a web developer, you can provide your clients with a cost-effective job board solution that they are bound to love.

Recruitment agencies – Now the recruitment agencies can leverage the power of WordPress and create a reliable and feature-rich job board.

Bloggers – This is a great source of passive income for seasoned bloggers as they just need to set up the plugin and start earning money as discussed earlier.

WPJobBoard Pricing

The plugin comes with a couple of pricing models.

  • Personal – $97
  • Business – $199

The pricing is really affordable and you can select one based on your requirements.


When you take into consideration the amount of work it takes to create a professional-looking job board, you will thank WPJobBoard for this awesome plugin that lets you create a personalized job board on a new or already existing WordPress site with ease.

The plugin is affordable, easy to set up, and feature-rich that will take your business to the next level. You can try out the demo on their website before making a purchase. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.