WPForever: A Container Based WordPress Platform

If you are in search of the most reliable and the fastest WordPress platform, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to talk about WPForever which is a “Container-Based WordPress Platform”

What is a Container Based Platform?

In a shared hosting or any typically shared platform, the bandwidth and the server resources are shared between different websites. Due to this, a heavy load on one or a few websites can significantly degrade your own website’s performance. To get rid of this situation, WPForever has managed to deploy a container-based solution that offers you consistent performance.


Your website is distributed across multiple containers that deliver a phenomenal performance. Also, if one container goes down, the other containers offer redundancy and your WordPress blog or website is up and running. Even more, an additional container is instantly deployed to take the position of the offline one.

Features of WPForever

1) Speed and Performance

As mentioned earlier, the container-based platform offers unmatched speed and performance. WPForever also lets you adapt to rapidly changing technology with ease. If you want to upgrade any component, you can do so with zero downtime. It offers you the flexibility to provision containers with the tech stack of your choice.

2) High Availability

WPForever offers load balancer functionality to all websites. This load balancer distributes the load across multiple containers. Due to this, if your site is experiencing a heavy load, the workload is automatically replicated to additional containers as and when required.

3) Fast Caching

Now you don’t have to install any third-party cache plugins or software on WordPress. When you are on WPForever, the WordPress front end is delivered through a Varnish Cache and you don’t need any configuration or setup to achieve this.

4) Monitoring Functionality

WPForever offers security scanning, monitoring, and protection specifically for WordPress. Also, their system keeps monitoring your site for any threats and attacks – even at the application level.

5) Backups and Self-Healing

If you love the Git-Style versioned backups, you are in for a treat. WPForever offers Git-Style versioned backups of your site. These backups are easy to schedule and the restoration is pretty fast. The awesome self-healing capability re-deploys your container instantly if, for any reason, your site goes down.

These were some of the features of WPForever – Docker-based WordPress platform. Do check out their website for early access.