WPAdverts Review: WordPress Classifieds Plugin

As you grow your blog and start getting decent traffic, the thought of monetizing the blog comes naturally to many. Now, there are plenty of ways to monetize a blog – advertising programs, affiliate commission, selling your own stuff, and a lot more.

An even better way is to build a classified section on your blog. Yes! You read that right.

WPAdverts Review

A classified section can be a collection of various things that appeals to a blog’s niche. It can be job posting, listing for products – both new and old, documents, etc. And with WPAdverts, you can create a classified section on your website in a breeze.

WPAdverts is a WordPress Classifieds Plugin that lets you create a classified section on your existing website enabling the website members to list and sell things easily. This plugin works well with any WordPress theme, is easy to set up and deploy. Let’s take a detailed look at WPAdverts Review

Review of WPAdverts

Setting up WPAdverts

The best way to install the WPAdverts plugin is through your WordPress dashboard.

Log in to your website’s wp-admin panel and navigate to Plugins – Add New. Search using the keyword WPAdverts and click on Install Now.

Once the installation is complete, activate the plugin.

Creating a new ad

Once the plugin is installed, you will be able to see the “Classified” section on your WordPress dashboard.

You can see a lot of options here. Click on ‘Add New’ to create a new ad.

This screen will look very familiar to you. It’s basically the same screen that comes up when you are creating a new post or a page in WordPress. However, you will find additional information here for your ads like the contact details, pricing, and location.

Let’s take each section one at a time for easy explanation.

The heading and content description remains the same. You give a title to your listing and describe what the product is all about, its features, and all the information that a potential buyer would like to know.

Next comes the Categories. Make sure to accurately select a category that your product belongs to. This not only helps potential buyers in searching for the product easily, it improves the chances of you making a sale.

Then comes the additional information that you won’t see in your regular WordPress posts or pages entry. Here you need to provide the seller details, price and contact information.

Then comes the gallery where you can add images for your listing,

And that’s pretty much about it! A new ad can be created in just under a minute!

What’s best is that any of your website members can create an ad and sell their stuff on your website – and that too hassle-free.

This is how the finished ad looks like.

Features of WpAdverts

Easy installation

The plugin is lightweight and can be installed in just one click as seen above. This holds good for a new blog as well as an existing blog. Also, there are shortcodes that can be set up and used to call specific features with ease.

Seamless integration

WpAdverts plugin works flawlessly with all the WordPress themes available today. This plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and the developers maintain the compatibility with the new WordPress releases as well.

Plugin integration

Other popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Jetpack etc. are easily integrated with WpAdverts. This contributes in making the user experience even better thereby leveraging the capabilities and features of these popular plugins.

Modular build

The unique modular build of this plugin allows users to activate and deactivate features at will. This means you only use the features that you really want to use and can deactivate the ones that you don’t like. Pretty sweet.

Good documentation

WpAdverts website contains documentation on everything related to the plugin. So, if you are a new user and are stuck somewhere, just head to their documentation page and you will get your answers. Moreover, they provide step-by-step guide to set up the plugin, customize and optimize it as well.

Good support

In addition to the support documentation, you also get a really good customer support. They claim to answer and resolve all your queries within 24 hours!

Along with the already mentioned feature, you can also get add-ons like:

  • BuddyPress integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • PayPal integration
  • Integrate Google Maps
  • Set pricing for specific categories
  • Custom fields

Now, if this wasn’t enough, you can actually try out the whole plugin for free even if you do not have a WordPress site. Just head to the live WPAdverts Demo Page and select from the Administrator Demo or the Frontend Demo.

All in all, I am really impressed with this plugin and will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to create a classified website or add an extension to their existing website. Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.