WorkIgniter Review: Time Tracking Software

Any organization, be it small, medium or large depends on employee’s timesheets to calculate the number of hours put in by them. This serves a couple of purposes, the first being that it helps the employer determine an employee’s attendance & productivity. Second, it helps the payroll team process the employee’s salary.

Now, time tracking may seem pretty easy, however, there are a lot of challenges associated with it. For example, employees may work from client locations or field locations at times. In such cases, it becomes difficult for them to log in their efforts in the official time tracking tool. Also, timesheet and payroll systems are two separate entities in most organizations and a lot of manual work is involved in order to verify employee’s data.

But now, with Workigniter, you don’t have to worry about the entire time tracking thing.

Why? Because Workigniter does the time tracking for your business!

WorkIgniter review

What is Workigniter?

Workigniter is a time and attendance tracking solution that lets employees log their times either on an iOS or Android mobile app or a web application.

The mobile app and the web application talk to each other using internet connectivity and the employee data is updated real-time on the web app. You can generate real-time reports, timesheets and payrolls. It is that simple!

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, the mobile application can be installed on any iOS or Android device. Once installed, an employee must log in to Workigniter in order to clock-in/out. And this can be done from any location either by scanning a QR code or just swiping in the employee ID card having an NFC code.

There are specific Workigniter applications that can be configured:

1. FixedApp – This is usually used for offices where you want to capture the time for a group of employees on a single location.

2. RemoteApp – This is used for tracking time for a group of employees on different locations. Usually a team leader is responsible for this.

3. WorkerApp – This is used by an individual employee to track their time from various locations.

Once the data is captured on the app, it is synced to the web app that is accessible on the internet by authorized people in your organization. The web app can be used to manage holidays and employee attendance along with generating a bunch of reports related to timesheet and payroll.

Payrolls can be printed or exported into the company’s accounting software seamlessly. The web app also gives administrators the option to edit the timesheet from any location.

A couple of excellent features

Time tracking for multiple projects

This serves two purposes. You can track time of your employees or teams who are working on different projects. With this data, you can easily get to know which project is more time-consuming and how many hours are employees putting in each project. This information is critical in determining which project is more profitable.

Certain companies pay allowance for night shift workers. Workigniter captures the shift timings and this data can be easily exported to the accounting software used for payrolls.

Location tracking

Each clock-in/out activity on the app records the location of the user. This helps you in ensuring that you employee is working from the designated location. Also, it helps in assigning new projects to the employees based on their location.


Workigniter charges 4€ per active employee per month. You can also opt for the yearly subscription and avail a 20% discount. They have a calculator on their website for you to get to know your costs.

Final thoughts

Workigniter is an excellent solution for you to seamlessly capture your employee’s time data and process payrolls by integrating the reports with the accounting software. It saves you from a lot of manual work by leveraging the mobile app as well as the cloud-based web app. For more information on this time tracking software, check out their website