Wix: The All Round Website Builder

While marketing might be a hassle, website builders have made building your eCommerce site a whole lot easier. I remember the time when website builders first started out – there were just too many bugs. Things have changed since then, and it’s easy to manage product inventories, and to update the site takes minutes. You don’t need to learn to program and have web designing experience; all that is required is a bit of time, and the eagerness to look up the brochure to build your eCommerce website.

Wix builder

How did wix get into the mix? After Flash had become a no-no for websites, Wix seemed to have lost it. Well, not anymore with Wix employing HTML 5 – something that’s going to be in our lives a lot in the future.

What Would You Love about Wix?

Wix is one of the free and best online website builders with ease and dexterity that is unmatched. It was launched in 2006 and has a large clientele. The easy and simple drag and drop feature together with WYSIWYG website building platform makes it a cut above its competitors. It enables to make user and SEO-friendly web pages, with customised designs and beautiful templates which are attractive and very responsive.

Superb Features and Advantages of Wix

  • ​HTML5 websites which are professional and smart
  • ​ Easy drag and drop feature
  • ​Attractive and user – friendly mobile version
  • ​ SEO friendly
  • ​ Easy to use enticing templates
  • ​ Social media adaptive
  • ​ Multilingual
  • ​ Great app store
  • ​ Paypal connection
  • ​ No coding required

Deterring Factors:

  • ​ Wix Advertisements on pages
  • ​ Restrained bandwidth
  • ​ E-commerce premium package

The market is filled with web builders – if you’re just planning a Shop section within your website, you would still be better off using WordPress. However, if eCommerce is your primary focus, don’t hesitate to try out the above options. The above features can be incorporated in your website quite easily by the use of a website-builder like Wix.

Host website building companies provide you with online tools that will help you to build your website. Various website builders have various tools to provide an array of features for your website. At, Wix, you will get to select and choose a plethora of features for your eCommerce website. Wix has features made especially for business websites like ecommerce websites. Wix’s provision of business features include:

  • Custom Domain Name– a custom domain name will create a lasting impression on the buyer
  • Wix Contact Form– allow your customer to contact you from the site itself
  • Get Subscribers– get a following base who will be updated by mails
  • ShoutOut Email Marketing– Send emails to customers regarding promotions, services, sales or events.
  • Search Bar– Have a search bar so that customers can find product easily on your website.
  • SEO Tools— Increase your rankings on search engines like Google by using search phrases & keywords to target your customers.
  • List Business Hours– Convey the timings between which customers can reach out to you.
  • Wix Blog– Maintain a communicative relation with your customers by sharing your ideas and response to feedbacks.
  • Customer Reviews– get customer reviews directly on your website from your clients.
  • List Your Site– find a place in major search engines like Google and yahoo.
  • Live Chat– Help your customers by chatting and answering their queries in real-time.
  • Mobile Friendly– Wix will help you make websites that can be accessed with eased through mobile devices.
  • Add Social Buttons– addition of links to social networking platforms will help you reach new clients everyday.
  • Worldwide Shipping and Tax– you can configure and customise tax settings for different delivery destinations.

Wix as one of the best website builders in the market has taken Content Management Systems to a new level by introducing Wix ADI- Wix Artificial Design Intelligence.First of its kind in a website building platform, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence will help you build your ecommerce website without getting your hands dirty. The feature will build you a website based on your profile, your profession, your needs and the requirements for your website. Your website will be made using computing algorithms of artificial intelligence and will be everything you want.

The Top Benefits of WIX ADI

Here is how Wix ADI can be advantageous and useful in building your ecommerce website:

  • After you choose your preferences, your website is built-in couple of minutes. Needless to say it is highly time-saving.
  • Wix ADI rolls out a completely new, different and unique website every time. No two users of Wix ADI will have the same website design.
  • Your preferences and requirements are coupled with the best of design to build a visually vital design with strong context and easy user interface.
  • Best of contents are gathered from all over the web that cannot be done manually.
  • You can later improvise, change and add features and sections to the website without changing or not changing the design and keeping the content intact.

Final Verdict

Wix with its already offered features for business sites and the newly introduce ADI will give you a website with a phenomenal design and interface. With thousands of templates and a regularly updated the list of to-offer-features for your website to choose from, Wix offers the best for website building. Wix’s Drag ‘n Drop Editor is the most convenient and user-friendly tool to build a website even if you have zero knowledge of how to use a CMS.

You can build your eCommerce website with the best features to skyrocket traffic in your website. Further, Wix provides a range of subscription plans to suit your needs. With its Premium Plans, you can choose a domain registered at Wix. You can also increase your storage and bandwidth to 50GB from a mere 500mb storage and 1GB bandwidth with their Premium Plans.

Wix also takes care of your marketing and branding strategies by listing you in popular search engines and providing SEO optimisation. With Wix, you are just a step away from building your own eCommerce website that is sure to be successful and popular.