Why to Learn Python as Your First Programming Language

Python has been designed to keep the newcomers in mind. Python reads like the math of kindergarten and is so easy that even laymen can understand it. The use of common expressions and white space has removed the need for monotonous curly brackets and variable declarations. Python also needs very less code to finish basic jobs making it very economical to study.

Java’s code is 3-5 times longer than python and C++’s code is 5-10 times longer than python. This makes python very easy to study. In addition to this, the python community has a huge collection of resources to keep you productive and safe.

Learn Python as Your First Programming

Employers are hunting for fully stacked programmers and python will enable you to reach there. Just like C++, C#, javascript, Ruby, Perl, and other main programming languages, Python is an object-oriented language. People who want to become software developers can acquire knowledge in this kind of programming and they can adjust easily in various other environments.

Working knowledge of programming languages like Python can be a rock-solid foundation as the methodologies of python can be utilized in a wide range of applications. For example, the inherent organization and architecture of python can function as your Rosetta Stone when attempting to convert more enigmatic programming languages. Without having any previous experience in programming, one can detect easily the differences and similarities between the syntax of other programming languages and python.

Key Advantages of Python

Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, card-sized microcomputer that is utilized for a wide range of thrilling do-it-yourself stuff like video game consoles, remote-controlled cars and robots. With python being its major programming language, Raspberry Pi is being utilized even by kids to build pet feeders, arcade machines, cameras and radios. With the high craze for Raspberry Pi, there are many DIY books, tutorials and projects to select from online. These will enable you to diversify from your “hello world” originator programs to something you can be extremely proud of.

Web development is an economic prospect that is in a boom for programmers. With the high capabilities of python, you can also have a piece of that action. The popular web application open source framework known as Django is written in python and is the foundation of websites such as Instagram, Bit Bucket, The Guardian, The New York Times and Pinterest. Django is a comprehensive framework that removes the complex part out of web development while still enabling you take control over as much as you need.

Python is the only programming language you will require to start modeling your own applications and websites. What is achievable with python can also be achievable with Django. Web development with Django takes less code and time, has a huge support community and is well documented. With Django, novel ideas can take shape quicker as their development needs less scripting hours on the keyboard and less developers. Apart from Django, there are many other full-stacked, lightweight and rapid development frameworks that are developed for python programmers.

Companies such as Yahoo, Google, IBM, Nokia and Disney all utilize python. Among all the programming languages, python has the highest job demand at present. Because of python’s utilization in education, there are a huge number of libraries developed for python in the fields of natural processing, physics and mathematics. The average salary for a python developer in US is $102,000. This shows the demand for python in the world of programming languages. So, people looking out for a bright career can certainly choose it by taking Python training and gaining expertise in it.