Why Should You Use Selenium?

Those involved in software making understand the importance testing an application or software after its completion or during its development. An application or software that does not work smoothly with a user’s browser is essentially useless as they fail to serve the purpose they have been created for.

Finding the perfect platform to utilize for running automation tests on your application is no easy feat. While there exists several platforms that offer their respective services in this regard, each ends up falling short of being the perfect software and application testing tool. Selenium, however, checks all the boxes and becomes the best automation tool currently out there for you to use!

Selenium review

What is Selenium

Selenium can essentially be described as a testing tool that automates web browsers and applications. Multiple tools are present at your service in the form of an elaborate framework and can be controlled using programming languages. You can write tests in the form of HTML tables and run them on web browsers in order to check the functionality of your application.

Why should you use Selenium?

But the question is, why should you choose Selenium over other automation tools? What is so special about it? The answer is because Selenium is the most powerful open source automation tool currently in the market, as claimed by many users as well as experts. The open source nature of the automation framework allows experts from all over the world to continuously change its code and make it even better and more functional than before as well as more modified for their own personal use.

Advantages the Selenium brings

Selenium brings undeniable advantages to any software-testing environment. Let’s look at some of the prominent few that are enough to convince you to employ Selenium in your testing processes as well.

Portability – The Selenium program can simply be downloaded and taken anywhere you go.

Less time-consuming – Manual testing can be hard work. It can also prove to be time-consuming. Selenium eradicates this problem by allowing you to run multiple tests at once (parallel testing) and facilitates the process with the most helpful tools to help reduce the time each test consumes.

Variety of languages – While Selenium does have its own script, it does not restrict you when it comes to programming languages, which is one of its major benefits. It supports C#, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and several others.

Variety of browsers – Selenium also supports almost all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

Integration – You may integrate Selenium with other tools, systems, or frameworks, such as Hudon and QMetry.

Free! – The best part is probably that it is free!

Live Instructor Led Selenium Training

Some people find understanding how to use all features of the Selenium automation tool a tad bit difficult. Which is why online selenium training is available for those who would like to master this automation tool and use it to obtain full advantage. With Selenium Training, you can become an expert in how to utilize the Selenium automation tool and write test cases in the number of languages that it offers.

Join the Selenium network today and get testing with the best tool ever made for software and application testing purposes!