Why Choose Oracle ADF Over Other Frameworks

Oracle Administration Development Framework (ADF, in short), built on java EE standards, is an end-to-end application framework and an open-source technology used to simplify and increase the speed of enterprise applications. ADF is the most suitable application for enterprise developers who are interested in creating applications that create, search, display, modify and validate data using a desktop, mobile, and web interfaces. To create an application, you can either use the entire Oracle ADF framework or parts of the ADF framework integrating it with other frameworks or technologies.

Advantages Of Oracle ADF Over Other Frameworks

ADF is a comprehensive end-to-end enterprise application rapid development framework. Key traits of Oracle ADF that make it indifferent among other Java EE frameworks.

  • Far and Wide Solutions: ADF does not spotlight on just one layer of java EE framework or architecture, but provides combined and integrated solution for each and every layer, right from view layer to business service layer. It also supports development life-cycle at all stages, from starting point to support.
  • Development Environment: Oracle JDeveloper supports visual aids and provides a declarative strategy to reduce the framework coding, which makes Oracle ADF a perfect tool for building ADF enterprise applications. Many other frameworks lack in integrated support by development application.
  • Independent Platform: Oracle ADF can be installed in different java EE flexible application servers and business services can be associated to any SQL-92 compliant database. Whereas other frameworks binds developers into a specific application vendor.
  • Technology Preferred: Developers have their own choice in implementing various layers of architecture. Oracle ADF doesn’t restrict developer in implementing layers with a specific technology as it supports multiple technologies for each of the layer in the architecture. This trait makes a developer prefer ADF application.
  • Training: Though google is the spectrum in providing online resources for any technology in this digital space, aspirant can undergo ADF Training and JDeveloper from Oracle university itself. Oracle university offers instructor led courses on all its products.
  • Technology Assurance: As Oracle ADF is recognized as developer’s framework, Oracle commits ADF to be the set of next-generation enterprise applications, Oracle Fusion Applications and keeps up its continuous usage in internal development processes. ADF is used to develop wireless applications, portal applications and web applications and hence consistently supports, commits and provides technology stack.

  • Metadata-Driven: Oracle ADF frameworks’ layers offer declarative approach for custom coding wherever necessary, for developments and configured from XML metadata. As mentioned earlier, developer can use part or all of the ADF framework in building enterprise application layers making the application components more flexible and reusable. Use of metadata helps rules for data bound fields to be stated at the model layer. Tooltips, Validation and Labels can be mentioned in the metadata for ADF data bindings.
  • Declarative Customization: Oracle ADF offers a unique solution that allows an enterprise to use a single based application and personalize it as per the user’s requirements. ADF works in association with Metadata Services(MDS) layer that offers application customization through two different implementation layers, Seeded Customization and User Customization. Seeded Customization refers to an application wide customization that would be in action for anyone approaching the application for a specific group. In User Customization, end-user nominates customizations to their personal experience and are then carried via MDS repository.
  • Improved Reusability: ADF and JDeveloper together supports exceptional reusability features including: reusable task flows, reusable business services, task flow templating, JSF templating, JSF fragment based areas, JSF libraries and so forth.
  • Source Availability: Oracle offers source code for ADF framework developers and customers with a support license. Source code availability enables developers understand the underlying technique of the framework and troubleshoot the problems in their applications.
  • Support: Oracle ADF is serviced by Oracle support organization, as ADF is Oracle’s product. So round the clock customer can have the benefit in taking the company’s support itself.


Oracle ADF makes java EE frameworks development easy and simpler by offering out-of-the-box implementation of infrastructure code, design patterns and tutorials. Oracle ADF eases developer work by providing preferred technologies, development approaches, and deployment options.