WhereToSwipe.Com: Tinder Statistics Revealed

Online dating is a $2 billion dollar industry and Tinder is a dating app that is used by millions of people worldwide. People are sitting at their homes swiping right to find that perfect date using Tinder, however, not all of them get that elusive “match”

There have been a lot of discussions on how the Tinder algorithm works and why the male population doesn’t get plenty of matches. You will be even surprised to know about the wrong speculation people make on the male-to-female ratio on Tinder!

WhereToSwipe.Com review

Well, a couple of talented guys have taken it upon themselves to bring you all the data and Tinder statistics that you will ever need to become the undisputed champ in getting matches on Tinder, courtesy of WhereToSwipe

WhereToSwipe.Com aims to help you lift up from “no matches on Tinder” to “more matches on Tinder”.

The team at WhereToSwipe has been surveying cities all over the world and sweating it out to get you a detailed analysis of the user base measured on various parameters.

Tinder Statistics – U.S.A.

For instance, let’s look at the Tinder data of U.S. cities that they have collected.

A total of 9 cities in the U.S. were surveyed between July/August 2016 that involved around 210,000 users and the data gathered is fascinating. The above chart shows the following information:

  • Women to Men ratio – Not as bad as you thought after all!
  • Average age of the users
  • Age appeal – How people in your age group appeal to different age groups
  • Percentage of women and men based on age
  • Percentage of users with a Bio, Job title and Instagram connection

The analytics is pretty detailed and you will get a good idea about the user base of Tinder in your city and the things that you need to tweak in order to get more matches on Tinder.

As of now, the developers have gathered the data for 20 popular cities in the world and the list is growing every day. They also have a blog section where you can find cool tips to up your Tinder game.

Now You Can See Who Liked You First on Tinder

Along with sharing Tinder statistics, WhereToSwipe.com also shares cool tricks and hacks to game Tinder’s system.

Once such trick is to find out who liked you first on Tinder. Sounds too good to be true? Check out the handy guide here

WhereToSwipe is an excellent place for you to check out the Tinder statistics and learn excellent Tinder tips and tricks. The creators have really done an outstanding job in analyzing huge data and sharing the results in an easy-to-understand infographic form with the readers.

Do check out the website and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.