What are the Free and Fast Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers

You should read this post if you are one of those people who constantly fall into the trap of marketers who promise quick success. Making original and interesting videos is the only way you increase YouTube subscribers. Also, it will take more time and effort than you think. I agree that there are some YouTubers who got success overnight, but they are few and far between.

Free and Fast Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Here are the free and fastest ways to increase YouTube Subscribers.

1. Post quality content every week

A lot of people still doubt whether they can increase YouTube subscribers by posting quality content or not. In fact, this is the only way to grow your channel and get hardcore fans who will continually like and share your videos. Audience love creators who are authentic and are not afraid to show their real personality. If you continue to create more videos and post them on a weekly basis, you will definitely succeed in being a YouTuber.

2. Create clickable thumbnails for your videos

A thumbnail is supposed to entice the audience to click on your video and watch it. A thumbnail needs to be properly optimized as it factors in when YouTube is ranking your video in their search engine. Make sure you insert your keyword in the filename of the thumbnail. There are many ways to create a clickable thumbnail. You can put your headshot in or use bold letters to create mystery about your video.

3. Add a watermark to your YouTube video

YouTube now allows you to add a watermark to your videos. This is a relatively new feature that protects your videos from being used by someone else without permission. Moreover, it can also be used to display call-to-actions buttons like “Subscribe now” or “Display your logo” etc. However, you cannot put a link to the watermark so use it only to remind your audience to either subscribe or share the video

4. Create a captivating channel trailer

A channel trailer is the first thing a new visitor to your account will get to watch. It’s a short video that is supposed to give an overview of what your channel is about. This is your opportunity to increase your YouTube subscribers without much effort. If you can’t create a trailer on your own, hire a professional videographer or an animator who has created channel trailers in the past.

5. Optimize your titles

Titles are the second thing that people look at once they like the thumbnail of a video. Earlier titles use to be the most important part of creating a video but now they are more relevant as far as the SEO is concerned. Once a person clicks on your video, the title becomes fully visible and they can choose to watch your video further based on the title alone. Make sure you put the primary and secondary keywords in the title whilst keeping it short and crisp.


When it comes to YouTube, sharing is caring. Make friends with other newbie YouTubers who you think have potential and make videos with them. This way you can share each other’s subscribers in an ethical way. Do not use hacks and black hat methods to grow your YouTube channel. The YouTube algorithm is a lot smarter than you think it is.