Well-Known Social Media Platform Google Plus Has Just Been Re-Branded

Social media platform Google Plus was first launched back in 2011 as Google worked to make its mark in the niche. Some of the incentives of the platform included being able to link with other services provided by Google such as YouTube and Google Drive. In a recent statement that was issued in April of 2020, it has been announced that Google Plus is now being re-branded under the name Google Currents. This change in branding is immediate as the team at Google has already changed the names for the app on the Apple App Store and its own Google Play Store. Those Google Plus users that head to the old URL will now immediately be re-directed toward Currents.

Google Plus Has Just Been Re-Branded

A New Name With Many of the Same Features

Though Google Plus is now operating under the moniker of Currents, the majority of the features that are familiar to users will stay the same. There are some new features as well. These are primarily related to areas such as administration and content moderation related to business. Since launching this re-branding, previous consumer accounts for Google Plus have begun to be shut down by Google. The new Currents branding will be available exclusively for G Suite customers.

A Renewed Hope From the Team at Google

The re-branding of Google-Plus under the new Currents name represents a renewed sense of hope from the team at Google. They are hoping to succeed in this new venture where they fell short in the old incarnation. The shortcomings of the past are seen as not important as there is tremendous optimism that the new vision for this platform will yield impressive results. This hope is being supported by the belief that focusing on enterprise users will help the new branding of the social media network to take off where its past version ended up falling short. Google also plans to shore up some of the security issues that had become prevalent during the Google Plus era of this platform. The former Google Plus apps for iOS and the Android platform have been re-branded under this new Google Currents designation.

Google Hopes to Provide a Valuable Service to Enterprise Customers With Currents

Businesses that add accounts on Google Currents can expect to receive benefits such as improved communications within the framework of their organization. This will be facilitated by a stream of content that will appear to users either in chronological order or by its relevance. G Suite level administrators will also be able to act in a moderator role during discussions. The team at Google sees this new incarnation of the network as being the ideal place for professionals to be able to make connections with colleagues. It is meant to be an ideal meeting place for those with similar professional interests to come together. Overall, the team at Google seems confident that they are going to achieve successes under the new Google Currents branding that they were not able to achieve when operating the network as Google Plus.