WebTextTool: A DIY On-Page SEO Tool

If your website is not properly optimized with respect to search engines, it is a fact that your webpage will not be shown at the top of the search results. That means your viewership will remain non-existent and your website ranking will not be where you want it to be.

Hiring an SEO specialist seems like overkill. They always charge more money for the stuff that you can do better yourself. But there is an alternative to this, a tool called WebTextTool which is a software that optimizes the content of your website.

Here is what the tool does and why you should consider using it on your website or online business.

A DIY On-Page SEO Tool

Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with applying attributes to web pages that happen on the back-end, where most mild-mannered content creators choose not to venture. Technical SEO changes can include improving page load times, applying micro-formatting, validating the W3C markup, and various other techniques.

Search engines acknowledge the effectiveness of a website from a technical perspective, so it’s an important aspect to improve SEO. But once those technical changes are applied, they don’t keep awarding your site points with Google. Even though these updates are important, SEO work is really only just beginning.

What WebTextTool will do is to implement all of this technicality through automated generic algorithms.

Creative Content

This is the most important part of SEO. Content should be at the core of your SEO strategy. Whether its articles, images, videos, infographs or a collection of all of these. The more relevant and helpful your content is, the better are your chances of it being found on the web. You can customize the creativity of your SEO with WebTextTools SEO Tools

Tactical SEO

Tactical SEO refers to optimizing websites on a page-by-page basis, in order to ensure that they make the grade for popular search engines.

Tactical SEO involves the effective insertion of keywords into on-page content throughout a website. This may sound simple enough, but keywords are different for every industry, every company, and every individual.

The wrong keywords will draw the wrong kind of traffic to a website. If the keyword is too broad, you’ll get tire-kickers. If it’s too specific and exclusionary, you may be cutting out part of your audience. Basically, tactical SEO involves strategic content insertion on a continual basis.You can change and implement tactical SEO strategies on your website at run time using WebTextTool

Social SEO

Social SEO is a great way to pull traffic to your website organically. It stems from having great content and staying engaged with your audience. Ideally your audience will share your content, comment about it, and give you feedback. All of this activity drives traffic and calls attention to your web presence.

That is something that you can do with WebTextTool by linking some social accounts to the app.


This is the science of SEO. Through custom reporting, SEO managers can determine whether a strategy is working. Because one client’s goals are different from the next, so SEO strategies should be tailored to fit specific needs. It isn’t all about getting to number one on Google (something we’ll cover more in-depth soon), it’s about identifying a client’s key performance indicators and doing everything you can to meet expectations. WebTextTool gives you the updates and reports about your website’s well doing.

So try out this excellent tool for on-page SEO to optimize your web content, get more traffic, revenue and to expand your outreach.