How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline in India

There is a good news for all the YouTube users in India. You can now watch YouTube videos offline. Google has introduced a new feature for YouTube mobile users where you can download the YouTube videos on the YouTube app and can watch it offline for the next 48 hours without any internet access. Awesome right !

How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline in India

YouTube online playback has also been introduced in Indonesia and the Philippines along with India. This is great news given that the internet bandwidth offered by the service providers in India is not very great and comes at a high price. Just think how much packet data can be saved if you download a YouTube video on your mobile device and can repeatedly play it offline later without having the need to buffer it again. Also, it is nearly impossible to watch YouTube videos on a slow 2G connection. But now you can just download the YouTube video on an Android device or iPhone and can watch it offline without getting irritated by the slow speed. Yes, the download may take a while on a 2G network but it is still worth the wait as it will enable you to watch YouTube videos offline.

It is very easy to download a video on the YouTube mobile app. Let us show you how to watch YouTube videos offline on an Android device and iPhone.

How to watch YouTube videos offline

1) Open up a video through the YouTube mobile app and tap on the download button which is located just below the video description on the right-hand side as shown in the screenshot below.

2) You will be prompted to select the video resolution. Select the resolution as per your preference and tap Ok

3) The YouTube video will be downloaded to the YouTube app on your Android device or iPhone for offline viewing.

4) Once the download is complete, you can head to the Offline section of the YouTube app where you will find the downloaded video that can be watched offline.

What type of YouTube videos can you watch in the offline mode ?

Well, not all the videos. Only a selected videos have been made available to download on the YouTube mobile app for offline viewing purpose. We did find some movie trailers among them. In the above example I have downloaded the trailer of the upcoming Hindi movie called PK. This is what Google has to say about the type of YouTube videos that are available for offline viewing.

Starting today, much of popular YouTube content in India, Indonesia and the Philippines is available for people to view offline, from Hindi movies to local comedy and unboxings.

YouTube offline playback was a much-anticipated feature and now when we have access to it, feels really good. So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead, watch YouTube videos offline and say goodbye to buffering 🙂