VirtualSpeech: Public Speaking Made Easy

Preparing for an important job interview or a public speaking event is never easy. However, worry not, as even the most confident individuals have experienced anxiety and nervousness at some point in their lives. Therefore, if you are feeling nervous or anxious, do not beat yourself up. Sadly, many people do not succeed in the job hunts due to the anxiety and nervousness experienced before a job interview. The problem is particularly serious among people looking for jobs in extremely competitive job markets. Fortunately, technology is finally being used to address this perennial problem. Today, virtual reality is proving to be a useful technology to people preparing for job interviews.

Originally developed by NASA in the 1990s, virtual reality is the new technology that is taking the world by storm. This technology has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Presently, there are quite a number of powerful virtual reality headsets available in the market. These headsets transport users to a world of immersive 3D imagery and alternate realities. App developers have caught up with the virtual reality craze and are now producing apps designed to work with headsets. These apps are being used predominantly as training instruments in different fields.

Introducing VirtualSpeech, a start-up company based in England. Started in early 2015, this company has developed a revolutionary new app called VirtualSpeech. This new app is designed to help you overcome your pre-job interview jitters. Also, this app can help you prepare for a public speaking event by helping improve your public speaking skills. The app works with virtual reality headsets to deliver a host of realistic 3D environments. These environments range from conference rooms, to job interview rooms. In addition to job interviews, this app can also help you get ready for an audition or a business presentation.

The app is available to both Android and Apple users. Amazingly, the app gives you the power to add your slides to the virtual room for a more realistic practice experience. Thus, if you are practicing for an upcoming business presentation, you can have your slides in your virtual preparation room. Inside the virtual rooms of this app, you will find real people. The app developer filmed different groups of people and projected them into the virtual rooms. As if that is not exciting enough, the app developer throws in a live panel for the virtual job interview training sessions. This live panel even asks you questions aimed at helping you think on your feet.

For a truly immersive sound quality, VirtualSpeech features the latest in 360 audio technologies. To add on to this, the app features a selection of virtual rooms for you to choose from. Some of the virtual rooms in this app include small meeting rooms for pitch or business presentation, large conference room for practicing public speaking skills, an interview room for preparing for a job interview and an awards room. To make the interview virtual room as realistic as possible, Virtualspeech has questions from leading companies such as Google, Goldman Sachs, Tesla Motors, McKinsey & Co, Deloitte and many more.

I would definitely recommend you to try out this app and master the art of public speaking. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.