Using the Appropriate Web Graphics

Imagine what life would be if you had to read movies or plays and only imagine the great scenes that you see in modern times. It will be quite boring and monotonous to do so. Images and graphics spice up the description of anything. When it comes to the web or internet, which is famous for being a huge ocean of knowledge, it becomes indispensable to not use graphics. Graphics make the page and its content attractive and build interest in the reader in the page. One must also have a clear idea of how to choose the right graphics for the page. The use of irrelevant, extravagant, poor quality or obnoxious web graphics does not only make the page boring but also fails to gain the attention of the consumers towards the services offered by the company, thus leading to a fall in sales.

Using the Appropriate Web Graphics

5 Tips On Right Use Of Web Graphics:

1. Relevant Images

Use of graphics should be limited to the matter in the page. The image basically helps the person understand most of the matter by just looking at it. But if you are selling peanuts and you have images of almonds on your front page, it not only makes a bad impression on the person going through your page but also leads to the person not coming back again. Of course, it does lead to negative publicity as well.

2. Compact Images

In a country like ours, where there is lack of 3G in most parts and the use of old and rugged networks prevail, it is very important for the page to open in a slow net connection as well. This in turn depends upon the size of the image files present in the page because text files do not take up a lot of space. Wanting to make the page attractive does not mean you put up professionally clicked images by a top-notch camera, of size as big as 10s of MBs. This makes the page slow, and sometimes when the image does not download, it does not serve the purpose of putting up the picture in the first place.

3. A tinge of humor

These days with the advent of memes on social networking sites, images are mostly used in a jovial and light mood. Cartoons speaking about the new laws formed by the government, to diary companies creating humorous sketches of recent events, humor always takes the cake home. So adding a bit of humor that does not harm the sentiments of any commodity or religion will make the page more attractive and you shall see an increase in ’likes’, ‘shares’, and ‘followers’ of your page. But remember to keep it smart.

4. Graphics with a mystery or multiple interpretations

Sometimes we see hoardings while driving around the city, of things that are yet to be launched. These images are cleverly designed to raise a question in the mind of the viewer and making him/her curious to find out what it is as soon as possible. A few years back, in the South, an Ad went viral, with a rupee coin’s image on it claiming that one can get everything in one rupee. It made people want to know desperately what it was. Then when the news was broken, it turned out to be a newspaper. The company not only held on to its end of the deal but also managed to grab a lot of attention through it. Similarly, images that have multiple meanings in them also make the viewer want to find out what it actually is and this brings more hits on the page.

5. Descriptive pictures

Whenever we have a constraint of words, it is clever to use images to describe what we want to convey. Such images replace most of the text, and adding a short caption to it will just be the cherry on the cake to make the best of small spaces.