Android: How to use the Google Hindi Input to type in Hindi

So this post has a small story behind it. I was sipping my morning coffee pondering over the plans for the day. Today is Diwali – The Festival of Lights, and it occurred to me that I have not wished my friends and family on this occasion! So like everyone else, I started browsing the messages that I received from my friends thinking that I would forward a decent one. Then I thought, why not send something unique? Probably a Diwali greeting in Hindi?

ow to use the Google Hindi Input

The idea may not seem unique but this would suit the occasion perfectly well. Now, I had a lot of options to compose my message. Type everything in Hindi from scratch, use Google Translate or search for ‘Diwali greetings in Hindi’. Then I realized that Google had come up with the Hindi Input for Android devices a while back. Maybe I can use the Google Hindi input to type in English and get the output in Hindi! This was a pretty decent way of composing the message and that is what this article is based on.

What is Google Hindi Input?

Google Hindi Input is an IME (Input Method Editor) that allows Android user’s to type on their devices in Hindi, provided your Android device supports the Devanagari script. If you want to check if your Android device supports the Devanagari script, just access this article from your Android device’s browser and see if you can read the below word clearly. If yes, then you are good to go.


How to Type in Hindi on your Android device?

Follow the below steps (For Android 4.x and higher

1) Go to the Google Play Store and download the Google Hindi Input. Skip this step if you already have the Google Hindi Input installed on your Android device.

2) Open Settings and go to the Language & input section.

3) Under the Keyboard & Input Methods, Check the box which says Google Hindi Input

4) Tap on the Settings option located to the right of the Google Hindi Input

5) GoogleHindi Input Settings will open up.

6) Select Input and check the box which says English Prediction. You are done with the settings now.

7) Now, let’s start composing a message. Once the keyboard pops up, press and hold the spacebar. Choose the input method as Hindi

8) The keyboard layout will change as shown in the image below. You need to tap on the icon just before the globe, as highlighted in the screenshot. Once this is done you can type normally in English and the output will be rendered in Hindi along with the English word and closely related Hindi words as well!

Do try this out and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.