Top Mobile Game Developers in the UK

In the last few years, Smartphones have revolutionized the gaming industry by changing the traditional ways of playing games. With constantly evolving gaming systems, almost everyone from children to adults is addicted to gaming these days. This has been made possible by constantly upgrading Smartphone technology, which enables you to play your favorite games anytime, anywhere. But this article is not just about games, it’s about those brilliant minds who design these games for you.

Top Mobile Game Developers in the UK

Fan studio is one of the top mobile game developers in the UK. Their journey started almost half a decade ago and they have been constantly working hard to present fantastic games to Smartphone users. Their specialty and expertise in the gaming industry has brought them at the top spot in UK app developers list and they are also preferred by other business for partnership projects across the globe. Since 2008, the developers have provided very high-quality gaming content for both Android and iOS platforms.

Fan Studio has a highly talented and experienced professional team that offer their expertise by offering the best strategy for app development based on the client’s objectives and the target audience. They develop both native apps and hybrid apps for any platform. Fan studio is a verified member of UKIE (UK Association for Interactive Entertainment) and TIGA (Trade Association Representing UK’s Game Industry). Till now they have successfully completed over 77 projects for their clients. Their achievements are noticeable around UK’s gaming industry. With a five-point app development process, the company has achieved massive success against its rivals. All the completed projects are first sent for quality assurance testing and then delivered by project managers.

Fan studio recently developed a simulation game “Solaris: Rover Expedition” which demonstrates their perfection on mobile app development. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms for free download. Solaris simulates a custom-built rover that can travel across rocky planets. The game features a brief simulation of various obstacles on planet mars. This sci-fi adventure game is definitely targeted at Mars lovers and aspiring astronauts. If you like space exploration then you would love to go on a mission to Mars through this game.

Solaris: Rover Expedition is not just about racing, the players will have the chance to reveal their gift of intellect and find the true potential of their imagination. Your objective is to customize and build the best rover that has the ability to maneuver over the strange and rocky terrains of planet Mars. You can easily draw the outline of your rover and apply up to 6 wheels. The game has an elementary concept but the difficulty lies within the design of your rover. This game will test your intelligence and creativity.

The game is available in both single-player and multiplayer mode where you can complete your rover against friends to earns points. The points can be used to enter weekly tournaments to unlock other special challenges and missions. Every form of design of the rover will react differently according to surrounding factors which makes the game very challenging. The game is suitable for both kids and adults and supports most of Smartphones and Tablets.