Top Best Health & Fitness Apps for Android & iOS

Health is Wealth and in order to stay healthy, you have to sweat it out every now and then. To make your workout regime more interesting and enjoyable, we have made a list of the top best health and fitness apps for Android and iOS. Let’s see which apps made it to our list!

Best Health & Fitness Apps


We all love maintaining trophies of our exploits and even if we don’t admit it to ourselves, we’re quite proud of many of them. Endomondo in an app that keeps track of your activity and maintains a log of your achievements. You can set personal challenges, analyze your performance and even send an receive pep talks from friends in time of need. Not just that, you can compete with friends, observe their progress and even share results on Facebook if you so desire.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Noom Walk

What would you say to a companion that silently accompanies you on your walks and jogs, always attentive and alert to your every move? A companion with a friendly face that you can take with you where ever you go, even to bed. Noom Walk is that companion, a pedometer par excellence.

Platforms: Android


If you take a long, hard look at yourself and bemoan the flaccid state of your muscles, maybe it’s time to start working out. FitnessBuilder starts you off slow and then slowly builds you up to a peak of fitness, climaxing at the end of an 8 week period. Of course, you can completely customize the regime to something more satisfactory to your taste, if you so desire.

Platforms: iOS

Dungeon Runner: Fitness Quest

Exult in the power that you wield as you swing your mighty sword and penetrate all comers with a single thrust! With Dungeon Runner you transform your daily workout into a power fantasy, an RPG that is controlled by your exercise routine.

Platforms: iOS

Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

If you don’t have the stamina for an hour-long workout session, fret not, for even quickies can be effective! Follow Johnson and Johnson’s free, 7 minutes workout routine to the letter and it won’t be long before you come into your own. You can do this even while watching TV or catching your favourite sports at 2betbob

Platforms: iOS, Android


We all know how hard it is to perform when the mood isn’t just right; your rhythm is lacking and the flow, disrupted. And the result? A workout that’s hot, sweaty and exhausting. Spring is your personal workout DJ that will change all of that by setting the right mood and bringing out that all essential rhythm to your routine and that spring in your step.

Platforms: iOS


It’s high time you started working on your stamina, especially if you can’t keep it up for even 10 minutes at a time. Run5K gets you body into shape by gently coaxing you, pushing you harder and harder till it finally extracts that last bit of potential from your body. It won’t be long before you go from jogging 0.5km to running 5km daily.

Platforms: iOS


Motivation can sometimes take the form of effective visual stimulus and that’s what Hot5Fitness is best suited for. Download this app and observe immeasurably fit, lithe bodies writhing and contorting, their faces flushed with pleasure and the pride in the effortless ease by which they’re manipulating their muscles. If that isn’t motivation enough to start on your fitness regime, nothing else will be.

Platforms: iOS

These were 8 top best health and fitness apps for Android and iOS. Do try them out and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.