Top 7 Headphones Under $100

We are always looking for bargains these days and headphones are no different. However small your budget is, you always want to get the best value for that amount.

No problem at all. There are millions of headphones on the market and although some cost thousands of dollars, there are also a few exceptionally good ones out there that won’t necessarily leave a hole in your pocket. In this guide, we look at seven such headphones that you can get for under $100. It comes as no surprise though that most of them are priced at either the $100 mark or very close to that, though you’ll also find one or two headphones under $50 within the list.

Here are the top 7 headphones below $100

1. Audio Technica ATH M40x

This is not the first time we’re reviewing the Audio Technica ATH headphones. We’ve mentioned the ATH M50x in the past. They are a popular choice, especially among gamers. The M40x isn’t inferior by any stretch. Like their older brother, they are designed to bring music in all its glory to your ears. Whether you’re an avid listener or hoping to use the headphones for professional tasks, you won’t be disappointed. They come with detachable cables and the ear cup has 40mm drivers and swiveling ear cups.

2. CB3 Hush

If you’re looking for more comfort, however, you couldn’t do much better than the CB3 Hush headphones. They are inexpensive and one of the best noise-canceling headphones on the market. The padding on the headband and ear pads feels nice on the touch and allows the headphones to rest comfortably on either ear. The right ear cup has three buttons for turning on the headphone, skipping tracks, controlling volume, and entering pairing mode. On the left cup is a switch for turning on ANC.

3. Sony MDR7506

This pair of headphones lies somewhere between modern and classic, featuring everything you’d expect in a traditional headphone while still classy enough for the modern listener. They have 40mm drivers and a frequency range of 10 to 20MHz. the cable ends in a standard 3.5mm jack but is equipped with a 1/ inch adapter that plugs into the equipment. The cable is also super long at nearly 10 feet. That can be difficult to keep in control but also allows a lot of movement.

4. Marshall Major II

Marshall makes some great headphones; you have to give them credit for that. The Major II is another stylish product that easy on the wallet while delivering quality sound everywhere you go. The headphones are best known for their durability, making them an excellent pick for travelers. The re-voiced 40mm drivers deliver solid performance in both the midrange and low-end, with impressive instrument separation.  The 70’s era coiled cable is another standout feature.

5. Shure SE112

Last time we checked, the Shure SE112 headphones were priced at just $49. That’s like a steal when you take into consideration the quality of sound these headphones produce not to mention the quality of their build. Their special dynamic drivers and passive noise isolation thanks to the robust silicone ear tips make the SE112’s sound almost perfect. Its bass and treble are just awesome. For that price, you should be doing all you can to get this pair of headphones before the prices go up.

6. Grado Prestige Series SR80e

These American-made headphones are also quite popular partly because of their retro-styling. Keep in mind that Grado is a family business so they tend to put a lot of effort in their designs. That’s why Grado headphones feature high-quality construction and excellent performance. The SR80e offers an airy, vividly clear sound signature. You can take them on the bus, train, or any other public space.

7. Sennheiser HD-280Pro

Last but not least, the Sennheisers are also a good value-for-money pair of headphones that have been around for over a decade. Featuring padded and extremely comfortable padding and a comfortable fit, the 280 Pro is soft around the head and all those padded parts can be replaced when they wear out meaning that you can use the same pair of Sennheisers for a very long time. They are closed-back headphones with a coiled audio cable. They also fold at the hinges and the cups can be rotated 90 degrees for easy storage.


This was our guide on top 7 headphones below $100. For any music enthusiast on a tight budget, any of these seven headphones would be a shrewd investment. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.