Top 5 YouTube Thumbnail Maker Apps(Android)

Do you wish to create stunning YouTube thumbnails but don’t have the time to learn/work on Photoshop? 

Photoshop is an amazing software but not everyone has the time or dedication to learn it thoroughly. You do need to be good at it to get the best out of it. Or else you will just end up creating those cringy YouTube thumbnails that no one wants to click on.

This is where YouTube thumbnail maker apps come into play. To get started, just download and install the app from Google Play Store and upload your image that needs editing. The below-mentioned apps are free and do not ask for payment details.

Here are the 5 YouTube thumbnail maker apps for your Android phone

Top 5 YouTube Thumbnail Maker Apps

1. Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker

This YouTube thumbnail maker app is one of the most popular ones on the Google Play Store and is developed and maintained by James Thomas Carter. James has many more apps in the photo editing and animation domain. The app automatically crops your uploaded image to 1280×780  format; which is the desired format for thumbnails.

2. Thumbnail Maker for YouTube Videos

This is another YouTube thumbnail maker app by ryzenrise who has more than 30 apps on the Google Play Store. This app is for YouTubers who create funky videos in gaming or comedy domain. It also works best for people who want to create their thumbnails in for photomontages. This might be required in the case of tech tutorial videos.

3.  Ultimate Thumbnail Maker

The Ultimate Thumbnail Maker is developed and maintained by Nilesh Jain.  I like how professional and organized the user interface is. You can upload your image and select a background image with ease. Although, you do need to select the thumbnail size as it does not do it by default. Always remember that the preferred size of a YouTube is thumbnail is 1280×780.

4. Thumbnail Maker

This is another professional-looking free YouTube thumbnail maker app that has 4.4 user rating on Google Play Store. It is developed and maintained by a software company known as Logopit. It not only allows you to create clickable YouTube thumbnails but also has many other features that are needed for basic image editing.

5. Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker

You don’t need any graphic design skills to create YouTube thumbnails using this app by a company known as “Simply Entertaining”. This apps allows you to create thumbnails that people get tempted to click 100 percent of the time. You can play around with the Textures/Fonts/Colors/Photos that this app has to provide. Moreover, you will love this app if you are a fan of stickers; it has a lot of them.


With any of the above-mentioned apps, you can create YouTube thumbnails from anywhere you want. You can be productive while commuting to school/work, waiting for your food in a restaurant, or when you are getting bored. After you upload your video on YouTube, you have the freedom to change the thumbnail whenever you want. This way you get to experiment with different backgrounds and fonts to see which ones get you the most clicks.