Ticwatch E2 Review: Best Choice for new Smartwatch Users

Ticwatch E2 is a smartwatch that seamlessly integrates with any Android device or iPhone. It runs on Android’s operating system “Android Wear” which is specifically made for wearables. It has all the advanced features like a heart rate monitor, in-build GPS and Bluetooth 4.0. Nowadays, these features are expected to be in a smartwatch.

The touch-screen display lets your scroll smoothly without any lag. Moreover, the icons are large and visible from a distance. People have been raving about how easy and well-organized it’s user interface is. This makes it a great choice for people who have never used a smartwatch before. TicWatch E2 should be your first choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly and virtually indestructible smartwatch.

Ticwatch E2 Review

Mobvoi uses artificial intelligence technology to build devices that connect humans and machines together. In addition, Mobvoi is a close strategic partner of Google. This is one of the reasons behind their popularity. It uses Google software like Wear OS and Google Assistant in its devices which makes it easy to integrate them with smartphones and laptop computers. 

Is Ticwatch E2 the right smartwatch for fitness tracking?

Ticwatch E2 is not an eye-catching device. It is very basic in looks and has an unbreakable wristband. Coming back to the subheading, the optical heart rate sensor used in this device is good enough for outdoor activities like running and jogging. However, it does not give an accurate heart rate reading when used indoors. To answer the question: Yes. This smartwatch is designed to be used as an accessory for outdoor adventure-based activities. Hence, it can be used for health and fitness tracking.

What I like about Ticwatch E2

The previous version of this had some issues with battery life. I am pleased to tell you that Mobvoi has addressed the issue and installed a new battery which lasts longer. You can use it all day long for things like receiving notifications, fitness tracking and controlling your music. The watch will run fine for two whole days. Secondly, this smartwatch is structurally solid. The bands don’t look so pretty but they are made from a rubber-silicon type material which is ruggedly built.

What I don’t like about Ticwatch E2

I was a bit disappointed to find out that this model does not have a speaker. The earlier model had a speaker so it was possible to make and receive phone calls without using an earphone. Also, people who like to wear aesthetically pleasing watches may not like this device. It looks quite decent but the looks can be improved to a great extent.

My recommendation

Ticwatch E2 is for people who like things straightforward and elegantly simple. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to be able to reap the total benefits this smartwatch has to provide. As I mentioned before, this is the best watch for first-time smartwatch users. Don’t get put off by its bulky design. It is surprisingly light in weight and can be worn throughout any sporting event.


Ticwatch E2 is priced at $159.99. Along with the watch, you also get a USB charging dock and a user manual.