Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Phone Plan

Everyone uses mobile phones to stay connected with friends and family. Choosing a mobile phone is a difficult process, given that there are large number of phone manufacturers available today. And choosing a mobile phone plan is not that easy as well, given that there are a bunch of them to choose from.

Today we will be talking about a few important factors to consider before you buy a mobile phone plan.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Phone Plan

1) Type of plan

By ‘Type of plan’ we are implying individual and family plans. The amount you can save on a cell phone plan greatly depends on this. If you are looking for a combined number of phones and lines to get a single plan for, you should go with the family plan. This plan offers a ‘bundle’ of minutes and data which can be shared between family members. So, its obvious that this plan offers impressive savings.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an individual plan, it makes sense to go with a single plan for data and minutes. After all, you will be the only user.

2) List down your priorities

Each individual has specific priorities when it comes to mobile usage. Some of us want more minutes, someone would want more data or free messaging. List out your priorities based on the below guidelines.

Monthly minutes – How much minutes you generally spend on making calls.

Data – Do you surf the internet and need access to emails? Also include the apps that you use on a daily basis, which requires an internet access.

Tethering – Will you connect the phone to your computer and access your data plan? Many carriers charge extra for this feature, so do your research.

Messaging – How many messages do you send every month.

3) Contract Length

You have to decide how many months do you want to be locked in to a contract. You will find 24 months contract the cheapest, however it can turn out to be a really bad experience if you pick out the wrong contract. There are sim only plans and bundled plans to choose from. Pick the one that’s best for you.

Make sure to do a through research and validate your options before you commit to a contract. Compare the factors mentioned in the first two points and pick out the cheapest and the best option.

It’s easy to get carried away with companies spending huge amounts of money in advertising campaigns. But, when you know your priorities and do the math properly, I am sure you will be smart enough to choose the best mobile phone plan as per your requirement.

If you have any thoughts to share on this, do let us know in the comment section below.