The 7 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms in India

Choosing the right podcast hosting platform is important if you want to start a successful podcast. There is now a very large offer on the market. However, not all of them are really good.

I’ve tested a few podcast hosting platforms over the past few years. In this comparison, I would like to introduce you to the 7 best podcast hosting platforms. The goal is to help you find the right host for your podcast.

My three favorites are PodBean Buzzsprout and Captivate.

PodBean is my favorite because it offers both ease of use and the ability to create a visually appealing podcast site. Buzzsprout is for you if you want a podcast host that is very easy to use. Captivate is good for podcasters who like to have accurate stats on their podcast.

That said, let’s take a closer look at the other platforms on the market so you can find the one that’s right for you.

These are the best Indian podcast hosting providers in comparison

  1. PodBean – Best in comparison
  2. Buzzsprout – Best for Podcast Beginners
  3. Captivate – Best for Small Business
  4. Simplecast – Best for larger teams
  5. Soundcloud – Best for Artists and Podcasters
  6. Libsyn – Best for beginners and professionals
  7. Soundwise – Best for audio course creators
PodBean Homepage

1. PodBean

PodBean is a cloud-based podcast hosting provider that allows its users to publish, and monetize podcasts. PodBean offers its users a simple interface that allows you to easily publish your podcasts on different platforms.

In addition, PodBean offers the ability to create accurate statistics for a podcast.

PodBean Prices

PodBean offers 4 different price packages:

Basic: Free (Maximum 5 hours of audio)
Unlimited Pro: $9 per month (Unlimited time/no video podcast)
Unlimited Plus: $29 per month (Unlimited time/video podcasts)
Business: $99 per month (Unlimited time/video podcasts)

PodBean Prices

PodBean Features

Hosting – PodBean offers you the possibility to easily host your podcast on your own podcast site. This podcast hosting website, you can very easily customize to your visual needs.

Promote – PodBean lets you publish your podcast to all the popular platforms. You choose which platforms you want to publish to and PodBean does the work for you.

Monetize – PodBean gives you the ability to monetize individual podcast episodes by turning them into premium episodes. You also have the option to connect PodBean directly to your Patron Page.

Analytics – PodBean gives you the ability to create accurate statistics about your podcast to determine where your listeners are coming from and which episodes they listen to the most.

PodBean Advantages

  • Simply promote his podcast
  • Automatic publishing on major platforms (iTunes and Google Podcast)
  • Easy-to-use user interface

PodBean Disadvantages

  • More ways to personalize the podcast website

For whom is PodBean the right solution?

PodBean is a PodCast hosting platform that is appreciated by many users because it is easy to use. Also, you can easily connect PodBean with Patreon, which makes monetization easier for you.

Buzzsprout Homepage

2. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting platform that makes it very easy to host, promote and measure your podcast.

Buzzsprout is a podcast hoster that is compatible with all known podcast directories. It makes it much easier for you to publish your podcast, so you can attract as many new listeners as possible.

Buzzsprout prices

Buzzsprout offers 4 different price packages:

Free: Free (2 hours per month/limit 90 days of hosting)
12 dollars per month package (3 hours per month / each additional hour 4 dollars)
18 Dollar per month package (6 hours per month / each additional hour 3 Dollars)
24 Dollar per month package (12 hours per month / each additional hour 2 Dollars)

Buzzsprout prices

Buzzsprout Features

Optimization – Buzzsprout optimizes the audio files for you so that your podcast has optimal sound quality. Buzzsprout also adds all the descriptions to your audio files so they are easier to find.

Website Player – Buzzsprout’s Website Player gives you the option of having your podcast episode embedded on your existing website with an embedded player.

Transcribe – With the integrated transcribe function of podcasts you can publish the transcripts on your homepage and thus also be found by search engines.

Analytics – In Buzzsprout’s Analytics feature, you have an accurate dashboard for your podcast to analyze how often and where your podcast episodes are being downloaded.

Buzzsprout advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Many functions available
  • Good response planning
  • Favourable prices

Buzzsprout disadvantages

  • Do not support video podcasts
  • Landing page can only be personalized a little

For whom is Buzzsprout the right solution?

Buzzsprout is used by many podcasters who are looking for an affordable podcast hosting platform. Buzzsprout automates many steps and gives you the ability to easily publish your podcast to many different podcast platforms.

Captivate Homepage

3. Captivate was founded in 2019 and is a new player in the podcast hosting market. was launched by Rebel Base Media from the UK who are experts in podcasting. They have also incorporated this expertise into their own podcast hosting platform, providing you with a podcast host that is especially good at marketing your podcasts.

Captivate Prices

Captivate offers 3 different pricing packages. The special thing about Captivate pricing is that it is calculated according to the number of podcast downloads. The feature set is the same for all price packages. There is a 7-day trial period where you can try Captivate for free.

Podcast: 17 euros a month (12,000 downloads per month)
Audio influencer: 44 euros a month (80,000 downloads per month)
Podcast Brand: 90 euros a month (150,000 downloads per month)

Captivate Prices

Captivate Features

Podcast Hosting – Captivate makes it easy to create your own podcast website. There is no limit to the number of episodes you can host.

Analytics – With the Analytics feature, you can instantly see what your listeners like and don’t like. This way you can constantly improve your podcast.

Podcast Player – Captivate provides you with a podcast player that you can embed on any website. You can also use the podcast player to generate leads via integrated call-to-action buttons.

Team Collaboration – Captivate is also a great platform if you worked in a team, as an unlimited number of users can access Captivate.

Captivate advantages

  • No limit to the number of episodes
  • Many analytics functions
  • Good for a larger team

Captivate disadvantages

  • Analytics of the individual episode could be improved

For whom is Captivate the right solution?

If you’re looking for a podcast host that offers a lot of features to make marketing your podcast easier, Captivate is the host for you. Also, all pricing packages offer the same feature set. The price only increases with the number of downloads.

Simplecast  Homepage

4. Simplecast

Simplecast was founded in 2013 and is now one of the leading podcast hosting platforms. It offers podcast management features to make sure your podcast reaches your listeners everywhere. It is used by smaller podcasters as well as big-name brands like Shopify and Facebook.

Simplecast prices

Simplecast offers pricing for two different audiences: independent podcasters and professional corporate podcasts.

For the independent podcasters, here are 3 prize packages:

Basic: $15 per month (2 users, max. 20,000 downloads)
Essential: $35 per month (4 users, max. 50,000 downloads)
Growth: $85 per month (9 users, max. 120,000 downloads)

Simplecast price1
Prices for monthly payment

For companies, there are also the Professional and Enterprise price packages.

Simplecast Price2

Simplecast Features

Podcast Hosting – Simplecast offers you the possibility to host your podcast on your own domain. The number of episodes is not limited. In addition, you can also host several podcasts in parallel with the Basic package.

Analytics – Simplecast gives you the ability to analyze which devices have been used to access your podcast and which countries your audience comes from. However, the advanced analytics features are only offered in Essential and Growth price packages.

Webplayer – Simplecast also offers a web player so you can integrate your podcast shows into websites.

Collaboration – The Essentials and Growth pricing packages also offer the ability for 4 and 9 people to access a user account respectively.

Simplecast advantages

  • Easy to use user interface
  • Supports many audio formats

Simplecast Disadvantages

  • Livestream may be delayed

For whom is Simplecast the right solution?

Simplecast is a podcast hosting solution for small podcasters and larger companies who want to host Postcast and all at a great price.

Captivate Homepage

5. SoundCloud

Founded in 2008, SoundCloud is more than a podcast hosting platform, it is the largest open audio platform in the world that connects artists and listeners.

SoundCloud can be used to make podcasts available to a large community. Moreover, SoundCloud offers the possibility for creators to create accurate statistics about their podcasts.

SoundCloud Prices

SoundCloud offers 3 different pricing packages:

Basic: Free (3 hours of audio material)
Unlimited Pro: 8,25 Euro per month (unlimited uploads)
Repost: $2.50 per month (20% of earnings go to Soundcloud)

Soundcloud Preise

SoundCloud Features

Unlimited Uploads – SoundCloud gives you the ability to have an unlimited number of podcasts uploaded.

Embedded Player – SoundCloud’s embedded player offers you to be personalized by style color and size.

Analytics – With the Soundcloud Analytics feature, you can have accurate statistics on where your listeners are coming from and which episodes have been downloaded the most.

Release Scheduling – With SoundCloud Release Scheduling, you can keep track of exactly which podcast episodes you’ve already released and which ones will be released in the future.

SoundCloud advantages

  • The platform is also a community
  • SoundCloud Mobile App
  • Embedded players

SoundCloud disadvantages

  • Existing podcasts must be imported manually

Who is SoundCloud the right platform for?

SoundCloud is used by many podcasters who value the community aspect of SoundCloud. This way you can easily stay in touch with your listeners.

Libsyn Homepage

6. Libsyn

Libsyn is one of the largest podcast hosting platforms and has hosted more than 67,000 podcasts. Libsyn offers a cloud-based platform that allows podcasters to offer the most freedom possible when publishing podcasts.

Libsyn caters to both small podcast and large enterprise podcast publishers.

Libsyn prices

Libsyn offers 6 different price packages:

Price plan 1: $5 per month (3 hours of uploads per month, max.162 MB of storage)
Price plan 2: 15 dollars per month (6 hours of uploads per month, max.324 MB of storage)
Price plan 3: 20 dollars per month (10 hours of uploads per month, max.540 MB of storage)

Libsyn prices

If you need even more storage, Libsyn offers further pricing plans:

Price plan 4: $40 per month (14 hours of uploads per month, max. 800 MB of storage)
Price plan 5: $75 per month (27 hours of uploads per month, max. 1,500 MB of storage)
Price plan 6: $150 per month (55 hours of uploads per month, max. 3,000 MB of storage)

Libsyn prices1

Libsyn Features

Publishing – With the RSS feed you can easily publish your podcast on all known podcast platforms.

Analytics – Libsyn offers an extensive analytics feature that allows you to create detailed statistics about your audience. You can also analyze the number of downloads, your audience, the origin of your audience, etc.

Hosting – Libsyn can host not only podcasts but also other files that you can offer to your audience, such as PDF files, etc.

Podcast Media Player – Libsyn offers a media player that you can embed in your website. You can also customize it to match your company’s branding.

Custom Ads – With the Custom Ads feature, you can place ads in your podcast that are country-specific, creating more relevance with your audience.

Libsyn advantages

  • Detailed statistics
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use

Libsyn Disadvantages

  • Pricing
  • Not all functions are self-explanatory

For whom is Libsyn the right solution?

Libsyn is the dinosaur among podcast hosting providers. It is used by many well-known podcasters. If you want to have lots of stats on your podcast. Then Libsny is a good solution.

Soundwise Homepage

7. Soundwise

Soundwise is a podcast hosting provider that is a little different. Soundwise is a solution that coaches, experts, creators and companies that create audio products can sell.

It is aimed at the commercialization of audio content that is offered to end users. It provides a simple platform with which audio content can be offered to customers.

Soundwise prices

Soundwise offers 4 different e-commerce solutions:

Starter: $12 per month (1 admin, 50 listeners, 10% transaction fee).
Plus: $47 per month (2 admins, 200 listeners, no transaction fee)
Pro: $97 per month (5 admins, unlimited listeners, no transaction fee)
Platinum: $367 per month (unlimited admins, unlimited listeners, no transaction fee)

Soundwise prices

Soundwise Features

Publish Content – Soundwise offers you an easy way to provide your paid audio files to your end user via the Soundwise app.

Additional content – With Soundwise you can also make additional files available to your customers, such as PDF files.

Monetize your content – Soundwise lets you decide how you want to monetize your content. You can adjust the prices flexibly and set a fixed amount or a monthly fee.

Monetization via platform – With Soundwise, you can distribute your audio content either through the app or directly through the website.

Marketing – You can also create certain discount promotions through the Soundwise platform to promote your content to your potential customers.

Soundwise advantages

  • Very many functions for audio course providers
  • Offers a lot of freedom for audiobook creators
  • Good customer service

Soundwise Disadvantages

  • No personalized domain for the landing page
  • A larger selection of templates for the sales page

For whom is Soundwise the right solution?

If you want to offer audio courses or audiobooks, Soundwise is the right solution to monetize your products.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

faq section image

What is Podcast Hosting?

A podcast host like Buzzsprout is a service that specializes in storing audio files of your podcast episodes and making them available to listeners. A podcast host is similar to a website host. A website hoster hosts all the important files of your website for you.

Where to host a podcast?

There are basically two options. Either you host your files yourself on your WordPress homepage or you use one of the podcast hosting platforms like Podbean or Buzzsprout. The big advantage of a podcast hoster is that it stores all the data of your podcast on one platform and you don’t need to tinker with WordPress.

How do I start a podcast?

Check out the podcast creation step-by-step guide to learn exactly how to start your own first podcast.

In summary, the best podcast hosting platforms in India for 2022 are:

I hope you were able to find the right software for your company in this comparison. There are different providers, so you can sometimes lose the overview. You should choose the provider that best fits your goal.

Is it important to you to find an affordable solution or is it important to you to have a scalable podcast hoster?

It’s also important that your podcast is published where you can reach the most listeners.