The 5 Best Workflow Automation Software in India

Workflow automation software are a good solution to speed up recurring processes in your company and avoid errors in these processes.

Nowadays you don’t need complex programmed interfaces between different software. Instead, there is workflow automation software that can easily interface between your tools, even if you don’t have any programming skills.

This way you can save a lot of time every day and automate your business. I will present the best workflow automation tools for you in this blog post.

The best workflow automation software in comparison

  1. Zapier – If you want a tool with over 1,000 supported apps.
  2. Integromat – If you want to automate more complex apps.
  3. SyncApps – If you want to map simple and complex workflows
  4. PieSync – If you want to keep lead, contact data and company contacts always up to date
  5. – If you are looking for a simple solution to automate your workflow.
Zapier Homepage

1. Zapier

Zapier is the most famous workflow automation software and was founded in the year 2012. It is the platform that is used by many home users but also by very many businesses.


Zapier’s pricing is based on the number of “zaps” and “tasks” your various apps need to perform. A task represents a synchronization between two apps.

Zapier offers the following 5 different price packages:

Free: free of charge (5 zaps and 100 tasks)
Starter: 19 Euro per month, (20 zaps and 750 tasks)
Professional: 45 Euro per month, (infinite zaps and 2.000 tasks)
Team: 277 Euro per month, (infinite zaps and 50.000 tasks)
Company: 555 Euro per month, (Infinite Zaps and 100.000 tasks)

Zapier Price

Key Features

Multi Actions Zaps – The Multi Actions Zaps gives you the ability to combine more than just two apps into one automation.

Apps – There’s a choice of more than 1,000 apps you can connect to the Zaps.

Filters – Zapier allows you to set various filters so that data is only synchronized when a certain condition is met.

Auto Replay – The professional version gives you the option to automatically replay a Zap if there was a problem with the last sync.

Custom interfaces – You can also create custom interfaces with Zapier if you are using a program that is not natively supported by Zapier.

Customer service

Zapier offers a very extensive knowledge base with many different guides to help you learn the software.

There is also an email support that can help you with questions. For the “Team” and “Company” versions there is also a Premium Support Team.


  • Zapier is a software that is very easy to use
  • There are more than 1000 apps that support Zapier
  • Zapier offers very good customer support


  • The pricing model could have more price tiers
  • The initial adjustment of the zaps may take some time.
Integromat Homepage

2. Integromat

Integromat was founded in 2012 in the Czech Republic and offers integration and automation solutions.

They call their solution “the glue for the Internet” with which they “glue together” various cloud-based applications. Integromat offers both simple automation and more complex automation with multiple applications.


Integromat offers 6 different price packages. The price is calculated based on the “Operations”. An “operation” is the update of automation.

Free: Free of charge (1000 operations)
Basic: $9 per month (10,000 operations)
Standard: $29 per month (40,000 operations)
Business: $99 per month (150,000 operations)
Platinium: $299 per month (800,000 operations)
Customer: On request

Integromat price

Key Features

Visualization of Process – With Integromat you can visualize your created automation to better understand complex automation.

Routers – The routers can split incoming data to different apps. For example, if an email arrives, the router can save the text separately from the attachment in a separate app.

Templates – The templates offer you the possibility to choose from predefined automation.

Live – The Live feature allows you to see how your automation are running in real-time. This is especially helpful if it’s new automation you’re running for the first time.

Scheduling  With scheduling, you can trigger certain processes when a certain time or date is.

Customer service

Integromat offers a knowledge base with many videos, tutorials and FAQs. There is also a Facebook user community where you can interact with other Integromat users. If you need to contact support, you can do so via a ticketing system.


  • The user interface is attractively designed
  • Integromat offers the possibility to map many individual processes
  • The customer service offers quick help


  • Use requires technical understanding and is less intuitive than other solutions
  • The technical documentation could be improved
SyncApps Homepage

3. SyncApps

SyncApps by Cazoom is an integration platform founded in 2011 that creates interfaces between marketing, e-commerce, CRM, finance and support.

The platform is used by more than 25,000 customers worldwide and offers access to over 150 apps that can be integrated with each other.


The different price packages are based, among other things, on the “Syncprofiles”. These “Syncprofiles” represent an automation process. Cazoomi offers 4 different price packages:

Free: free of charge (1 sync profile)
Basic: 49 dollars per month (2 sync profiles)
Professional: $99 per month (10 sync profiles)
Enterprise: $199 per month (20 sync profiles)

SyncApps Price

Key Features

Custom Fields – The custom fields help you to retrieve additional information – besides the usual contact information – from a software.

Segmentation – The Segmentation feature allows you to identify specific customer segments that you have created in your email marketing and marketing automation software.

Sync Calendar – With the sync calendar you can define on which time periods and days the automation should be performed.

Team Collaboration – The collaboration features allow you to work with multiple people on the Syncapps platform.

Customer service

Syncapps offers you a 24 hour support by phone. There are also many resources, such as guides and videos, that you can use to get to know the software better.


  • SyncApps can be integrated relatively easily
  • 24 hours support is offered
  • There are detailed documentation


  • The use of SyncApps requires some IT knowledge when the automation become more complex.
  • The test phase is relatively short
PieSync Homepage

4. PieSync

PieSync was founded in Ghent in 2012 and is now part of Hubspot. PieSnyc specializes in automating contact, lead and company data between different cloud applications.

It integrates with over 220 apps and can automate many different enterprise workflows.


PieSnyc offers two different price packages:

Starter: $9 per month
Pro: 49 dollars per month

PieSnyc Price

Key Features

Team – With the Team feature in PieSync, several people have access to the created workflows.

Synchronize contacts – PieSync allows you to synchronize different leads, contact data, and company data.

Prevent duplicates – With PieSync you can easily prevent duplicates because the system keeps all contacts up to date all the time.

Time synchronization – With time synchronization you can determine when you want to update certain workflows.

Customer service

PieSync offers you a “Help Center” where you can read relevant articles about different solutions. There is also a FAQ section where you can read frequently asked questions and answers.


  • The custom fields that can be synchronized give many possibilities
  • PieSync offers an easy-to-use user interface
  • PieSync synchronizes contacts in two directions


  • PieSync synchronizes only contact data no documents
  • The number of available apps is limited compared to other providers Homepage

5. was founded in 2015 in San Francisco and has today supported more than 30,000 customers in over 90 countries with process automation.

It is a solution that supports its customers in automating processes, both for simple automation and complex multi-level automation. The areas that are automated by are in particular recurring marketing, sales, and financial processes.

Prices offers 5 different price packages

Free: free (5 bots and 250 actions per month)
Startup: 49 dollars per month (50 bots and 10,000 actions per month)
Growth: 99 Euro per month (100 bots and 30,000 actions per month)
Business: 199 Euro per month (200 bots and 100,000 actions per month)
Enterprise: 399 Euro per month (unlimited bots and 500.000 actions per month) Price

Key Features

Multidimensional Workflows – With you can create automations between different applications.

Drag & Drop Bots – You can easily create your own bots with using the drag & drop editor.

One to one integration – You can also easily create one-dimensional workflows by simply connecting two apps together.

No programming skills required – is intuitively designed so you can create these workflows without any programming knowledge.

Visual Designer – The Visual Designer helps you to visualize your created workflows and to understand them more easily.

Customer service offers a “Help Center” where you can learn about the different features of the platform. You can also ask questions for the different functions.


  • is easy to use and user friendly
  • offers a good test version, which already offers some functions
  • The customer support is very helpful


  • There could be more documentation of the software
  • The selection of apps that can be integrated is limited


I hope you were able to see which software is best for your business with this comparison. Whether large enterprise or solo business workflow automation software can help any business save time.

The time you can put into the actual important tasks. Letting a workflow automation tool take care of these recurring processes can set your business up well for the future.