The 5 Best Explainer Video Software in India

Creating an explainer video seems complicated to you and you don’t have the technical knowledge to create animations. If you want to create an explainer video in normal animation software, you need some knowledge for it and you should also have some creativity. This can be a long and complicated process that requires a lot of training.

Fortunately, explainer video software now makes this process much easier and allows you to create engaging explainer videos with ease.

Meanwhile, there are many providers on the market, which are different goods. So that you don’t have to go through the trouble of looking at all the providers, I have spent many hours testing the best providers on the market. Explainer videos come in a wide variety of styles, variants, and types, such as the whiteboard style, the cartoon and comic style, or the flat style. The important thing here is that everything fits your target audience.

My recommendation is Animaker it offers a huge selection of image and sound material. It is also very easy to use and you can create many great special effects. Thanks to the free version, you can test Animaker risk-free before you sign up for a subscription. This way you can find out if Animaker is the right software for you.

Explainer video software comparison: The 5 best in 2022

  1. Animaker – Best Software Comparison
  2. Vyond – Best for professional users
  3. Renderforest
  4. Powtoon
  5. Moovly
Animaker Homepage

1. Animaker

Animaker is the winner in my comparison. Animaker is primarily aimed at businesses, freelancers and marketing professionals. You can use it to create your own comic-style explainer videos. You can use the basic version for testing.

But if you want to use Animaker commercially, then you have to pay for it. Also, the download of the videos is only possible in the paid tariff.

First, you choose a template for your explainer video. There are free and paid templates, whereby you can clearly see the differences in quality.

The templates contain sample scenes that you can either adopt, edit or delete. You can also use the search bar to add characters, objects, figures, etc. that you simply drag into your scene.

The selection of image and sound material is huge. You can integrate the music and sound effects royalty-free in your video.

A unique feature of Animaker is that you can use a lot of special effects. For example, a character can change facial expressions within a scene. You control when this happens and how the facial expression changes via the timeline.

You can also use many other cool effects like animated info graphics or zooming in and out of the image.

As you can see, Animaker offers you a lot of creative freedom. However, this can mean that video creation takes more time than with other tools.

Animaker Features

  • Animaker offers a wide range of templates that you can use to create your own explainer video in no time.
  • At Animaker you get a variety of music and sound effects, which you can use royalty free.
  • Animations are very simple in Animaker. Just press a button if, for example, a person should move from A to B or if a face should show emotions such as joy or anger.
  • Animaker uses an HTML 5 engine and is therefore optimized for playback in browsers.
  • You can easily share your explainer videos via social media

Animaker advantages

  • Usable free of charge
  • Good and detailed tutorial to get started
  • Great and very individual videos possible

Animaker Disadvantages

  • Only fully usable in the paid version
  • Videos created for free are not commercially usable
  • Paid templates are better than the free ones


  • Zapier is a software that is very easy to use
  • There are more than 1000 apps that support Zapier
  • Zapier offers very good customer support


  • The pricing model could have more price tiers
  • The initial adjustment of the zaps may take some time.
Vyond Homepage

2. Vyond

Vyond is a very good software and reaches the second place. Vyond is designed for businesses, freelancers, marketing and social media departments, as well as teachers. You can use it to produce explainer videos in the cloud in three styles: Contemporary, Business Friendly and Whiteboard Animation.

If you are not sure which style is best for you, then simply choose the one that you spontaneously like best. You can easily change it again later and even combine it with the other styles as desired.

You will then be taken to the Vyond workspace. There you will find buttons with which you can add characters, text, objects, music and much more.

On the right-hand side of the screen, on other hand, there are buttons that you can use to adjust the individual objects that are already on your workspace.

For example, you determine what facial expressions your characters will have and how they will move. You can also determine what they are doing and what their posture is.

If you want to add music to the scene or integrate individual sound effects, this is also very easy to do.

You can create really great explainer videos with Vyond. Unfortunately, the software is only free for 14 days. After that, it gets expensive – you have to pay at least $49 per month.

Vyond Features

  • You can make a voice recording on your computer with a decent microphone, or have a TTS (Text To Speech) speak the text. Then you can assign it to a character at the touch of a button
  • You have hundreds of templates to choose from that fit a variety of industries, scenarios and roles
  • All templates can be customized according to your requirements and personal taste.
  • If you’ve made a mistake and accidentally deleted a character, for example, you can use the version history to fix it at the touch of a button.
  • You can brand your video

Vyond advantages

  • Vyond is easy to use
  • You can produce videos in a wide variety of styles
  • The figures can be animated in many different ways

Vyond disadvantages

  • Only 14 days free of charge
  • The cost of the basic license is quite expensive at $49 per month
  • Vyond is only available in English
Renderforest Homepage

3. Renderforest

The target group of Renderforest consists of companies, self-employed, teachers and private individuals. They use the tool in the cloud. In the test field of our explainer video software test, Renderforest is the only provider that represents a holistic approach.

What it means. Renderforest is an all-in-one design tool that lets you create explainer videos, logos, animations, presentations, mockups, and even entire websites. Fortunately, you can also use Renderforest in German.

If you want to create an explainer video with Renderforest, you first choose a template that best fits your vision such as the 3D Toolkit or the Enterprise Toolkit.

There are also special toolkits for school and university, health care and also for children.

The templates are not limited to comic style. You can also create a whiteboard video, for example.

Renderforest is a great tool that allows beginners to create a nice explainer video in just a few hours of work. You can pay per project and don’t have to commit to Renderforest for months or years.

If, on the other hand, you’re already familiar with explainer videos, then you’ll only enjoy Renderforest to a limited extent. The reason is that you can only customize the templates and scenes to a certain extent. That is too little for higher demands.

Renderforest Features

  • Renderforest is an all-in-one design tool for videos, websites, logos & co., with which you can do and achieve a great deal
  • 3D videos are also possible with Renderforest, which will amaze your customers and followers.
  • You can work collaboratively with others on your team to move your explainer videos forward faster
  • You can share videos directly on social media. So you don’t have to download them first and then upload them again to various platforms, which takes a lot of time.
  • You can create very realistic videos in a resolution of up to 4K

Renderforest advantages

  • Renderforest is permanently free to use
  • Explainer videos can be created in many styles
  • You can also pay for individual projects instead of months or years.

Renderforest Disadvantages

  • Watermark in all free videos
  • Renderforest is a bit confusing because of its holistic approach
  • Free videos can only be one minute long
Powtoon Homepage

4. Powtoon

Powtoon is aimed at small, medium and large companies that want to create online explainer videos and presentations.

You can create your explainer video in five different styles: Modern Edge, Whiteboard, Infographic, Cartoon, and Business. Choose the style that best suits the audience for your video.

Depending on the style you have chosen, you will now be offered more templates on various topics such as presentations, congratulations or birthdays. You can also create your own templates.

If you have chosen a template, you can watch a very helpful tutorial to get started, which explains the handling of Powtoon clearly and step by step.

Powtoon is really easy to use and you can produce really great explainer videos with manageable effort. You can use the tool for free, but only with major restrictions.

The free version includes advertising from Powtoon. If you want to have your video in HD resolution and also ad-free, you have to pay for it.

If you decide to go with a paid plan, keep in mind that the price ranges are huge for monthly and yearly payments. For example, the PRO plan costs $89 a month if you pay monthly and only $20 a month if you pay annually.

Powtoon Features

  • You can also easily create 3D videos with Powtoon and thus impress your customers and followers in the long term
  • You can share your explainer videos on social media and reach many of your customers and fans easily with the click of a button. This is very effective and saves you a lot of time
  • You can embed software like HubSpot to effectively use your videos for marketing purposes
  • Powtoon offers a nice selection of good royalty free music that you are allowed to use without any further additional costs

Powtoon advantages

  • Permanently usable free of charge
  • Good beginner tutorial available
  • Simple and intuitive to use

Powtoon Disadvantages

  • Only fully usable in paid tariffs
  • Free videos can only be a maximum of 5 minutes long
  • Only usable in English and Spanish
Moovly Homepage

5. Moovly

Moovly was developed for small, medium and large companies. You can create all kinds of explainer videos, such as whiteboard or comic style.

In the Moovly Studio Editor, you have four central areas: The library, your workspace, the timeline, and the respective properties of the objects in your workspace.

You search the library for objects such as videos, images, graphics and so on, which are offered to you in many styles. You can also find sounds and music there. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, drag and drop the object onto the workspace.

Then you can customize the objects to make them smaller or larger, change their color or transparency, and more. You can also animate the objects and link them to sounds, videos and images.

As you can see, Moovly follows a very different philosophy than other explainer video software providers. A lot of manual work is required here, which can take a lot of time.

At the same time, you are completely free with regard to the design of your explainer video. So there are absolutely no limits to your creativity.

Moovly Features

  • With Moovly, in addition to the predefined styles, you can also create your own styles that perfectly fit your company in terms of brand conformity.
  • You can optimize your explainer videos for different platforms such as 16:9 format for YouTube and square or vertical videos for Instagram, Facebook & Co.
  • You can enter text, which will then be spoken by a TTS in good quality
  • With Moovly, you can determine which functions are visible in the interfaces. This is useful if you want to restrict access to certain functions for others.
  • Many employees can participate in your projects. You can organize them into groups for this purpose.

Moovly advantages

  • Moovly is permanently available free of charge
  • Moovly is simple and intuitive to use
  • Good tutorials available that explain how to use Moovly in a simple and understandable way

Moovly disadvantages

  • Relatively few templates available
  • No 4K video export possible
  • Relatively few animation options available

In summary, the best explainer video software for 2022 are:

As you’ve seen, you too can create explainer videos with simple tools, without being an expert in technology. The tools have become so easy and intuitive to use that even non-professionals can deliver convincing results.

Of course, with any explainer video software, you will need some training time. That is quite normal. You just need a little time and patience and you will be able to deliver amazing results after a short time.

You will save a lot of money this way and your explainer videos will also get better each time as you gain more experience and build up routine.

If you are looking for a good and not too expensive explainer video software, then I recommend AnimakerVyond, on the other hand, is the optimal solution for larger companies that regularly create explainer videos and have the necessary budget.