Sony srs xb12 Bluetooth speaker review: Portable and Durable

Sony srs xb12 is a miniature, single transducer Bluetooth speaker that can be paired with Android, iOS and Windows devices having Bluetooth 4.0 functionality. This device is perfect for picnics, hikes, and camping. It weighs just 0.7 lb, which makes it perfect for carrying it in your backpack.

The outer skin is very smooth and scratch-resistant. Because of its glossy exterior, most people think it is just waiting to be scratched. But surprisingly, the Sony srs xb12 Bluetooth speaker can resist all sorts of wear and tear subjected during a trek or a hike.

Sony srs xb12 review

Features of Sony srs xb12 Bluetooth speaker

1. Small and light design

This 4-inch Bluetooth speaker is portable enough to be the best companion during family getaways and vacations. You won’t find Sony quality music everywhere you go(in cafes, restaurants, etc). Moreover, it also has a detachable strap which can be used to hang or carry it wherever you want.

2. Up to 16 hours of battery life

If listening to music with a high volume is not a prime requirement of yours, you can let this device play straight for 16 hours. Interestingly, the manual does not mention that it can play music for 16 hours only with 50 percent volume selected. On full-volume, the battery lasts for about 7-8 hours. Which, in my opinion, is not a bad thing.

3. Dustproof and Waterproof Design

Sony srs xb12 Bluetooth speaker has an IP67 rating(Ingress Protection). Meaning, it can be dropped into water or kept in a dusty area for more than half an hour– and it will still play fine. Before you decide to splash water on it, just make sure that all the ports of this product are firmly closed.

What I like about Sony srs xb12 Bluetooth speaker

Portability and durability two great qualities of Sony srs xb12 Bluetooth speaker. You can take it anywhere you want and use it as roughly as possible. The IP67 rating is something that I look for while buying a portable outdoors speaker.

What I don’t like about Sony srs xb12 Bluetooth speaker

Although the battery life is quite good, you have to set the volume to 50 percent to be able to use it for a full 16 hours. I am a little bit disappointed with this as it is impossible to hear anything at 50 percent volume(especially when you are outdoors).

Also, once it reaches 20 percent battery limit, it starts notifying you to charge the battery every couple of minutes. I appreciate the reminders but it also can be a bit annoying sometimes.

My recommendation

I recommend this speaker to anyone who likes to listen to music or watch movies while on a vacation or a trek. Pair this speaker with your smartphone(Android/iOS) and enjoy decent quality movies watching experience with your loved ones. You can also use it in your shower room without any issues. Whether you like cold or hot showers, this product can withstand any temperature.


Like any other portable Sony speaker, srs xb12 is also not that cheap. This product has everything you can ask for in a portable Bluetooth speaker. It is priced at $38.00.