Some Factors that Affect what comes on your Facebook News Feed

I am sure that you have a Facebook account if you have access to this article. this is because there is literally just a handful of people out there who have internet services and yet choose to stay away from the use of any social media platform. Facebook is one name that may not be new to you at all. The news feed is where you get all the world’s information such as the latest job that your friend got or any new policy that has been decided by our Government or the Prime Minister. However, do you know that you do not get everything on your news feed? This means that if you have 500 friends, it is obvious that not every detail comes son your news feed. This is why you should read ahead to know the factors that influence the content that is visible to you.

Affect what comes on your Facebook News Feed
  1. Who was the one who posted the particular content? The moment you add someone to your friend list on Facebook, you start following the. Now, there are certain pages and friends that you can add to the see first section. This means that when they post anything or share anything, you get an instant notification. Other than this, if you have a high-level of interaction with anyone, then it usually happens that their posts are shown on your news feed because it is understood that you are interested in their content.
  2. How many others engaged with the post?This means how many others have actually liked the post or commented on it. When there is high engagement with a particular post, you will see that tit keeps appearing on your news feed multiple times. This is true for any post or even advertisement.
  3. Does the post relate to your interests? You may have often come across questions on your Facebook news feed where your interests are gauged and you are asked to answer certain questions about the type of content that you are interested in. This is why is actually used by the Facebook system as a base of reference. For example, if you are someone who is too interested in fashion and you often shop online form your phone, then the same content will reflect on your Facebook news feed because of the background usage. This holds true for other industries and sectors as well.
  4. When was the post put up? Last but definitely not the least, the time when the post was put up is important. This means that if the post was put up at a time when you too have been making use of the Facebook application, then it will reflect in an instant. The main reason behind this is recency. The news feed is constant updated with posts. Also, old posts get filtered out with the passage of time. This is the main reason why you are also able to get an instant update when one of your friends comments on someone else pictures of gets tagged.