Slaask: A Customer Contact Widget for Slack

If you already use Slack to simplify communication between workmates, you can now also use it to make communication easier with your site visitors, with the help of Slaask

Slaask is a simple customer service app for Slack that enables you to chat with your visitors and clients in real-time, and directly from Slack. It is for forward-thinking businesses who believe in the ‘all your tools in one place’ Slack vision.

Slaask A Customer Contact Widget for Slack

Slaask can be integrated into any website, allowing visitors to chat via a widget with the customer service reps. The reps are communicating with the visitors directly from the same shared Slack account they use for normal team communication. Slaask deployment requires two things:

  • A website
  • A Slack account

A website owner or a company must embed the Slaask widget into their website’s HTML code. They will then be able to chat with their visitors directly from their Slack accounts.

Slaask published a WordPress plugin last month that enables Slaask to be fully compatible with WordPress. It was designed with the intent to make the deployment on WP easier than ever.

Installing Slassk plugin to your WordPress website

Requirements: This tutorial is for WordPress admin using Slack between members of their team.

It is quite easy to install the Slaask plugin on your WP site. You just have to follow four very simple steps.

1) Start the Slaask onboarding process at

2) Install the “Slaask” plugin on your WordPress blog/website.

3) Copy your widget key from Slaask’s onboarding process and paste it in the WP dashboard -> Tool -> Slaask

4) Enable our Slaask plugin to have the chat tool deployed live on your WP site.

Once you’ve completed these steps, all your visitor inquiries will be pushed from the Slaask widget deployed on your website to your Slack account via dedicated channels.

From your Slaask account, you can also customize pretty much anything you can think of to make sure the live chat is well-integrated in your WordPress layout!

Please note that from your WordPress, there is NO confirmation message once your widget key has been saved. No need to worry! By the presence of the Slaask button (usually bottom right corner) on your website, you’ll know that the Slaask widget is deployed.

Slaask entrepreneurial background

At the time that the cloud-based team collaboration tool Slack started becoming popular (December 2013), friends Rémi Delhaye and Alexis Lewalle were using the tool daily for both personal and professional purposes.

It was while browsing Slack’s code that Rémi got the idea to use Slack as an admin interface to chat directly with site visitors and to handle all communication with them directly from within.

Having started out as a weekend project for Rémi and Alexis, the development of Slaask began in February 2015, with the company itself launching in September of that year. At first, they called the tool before Alexis came up with the idea to rename it Slaask (Slack + Ask).

According to Techcrunch, Slaask was receiving 7,000 visitors per day as of February 2015.

Slaask Team background

Slaask was founded by Alexis Lewalle and Remi Delhaye in February 2015 in San Francisco, USA.

Remi Delhaye is an entrepreneur, engineer, and ex-professional horse rider. He is gifted at coding and serves as CTO of Slaask. Alexis Lewallen is the CEO of Slaask, an entrepreneur with training from Stanford University. He has previously founded or co-founded six companies.

For the moment, Slaask is a team of 8 young people who believe in dreams. They speak English, French, Chinese, and Spanish.

Go to and check them out! They are here to help if you have any questions or any feedback! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.