Should You Take The Bait And Pay For A VPN?

You may have seen advertisements about VPN’s online or may even have heard about them from a friend. While there are many intricacies in the workings of VPN technology, we have answered here the most common myths and facts about Virtual Private Networks (VPN):

Is it possible to access blocked content using a VPN?

Users can access restricted content in their geographic location using a virtual private network. The VPN creates a virtual tunnel to a server located in another country, which can be used to create a tunnel to where the content is available.

Pay For A VPN

The VPN will make it seem as if the user is accessing the blocked website from the remote server, thus allowing the user to access the content.

Is it allowed to use a VPN in all countries?

Approximately, 30 countries around the world banned the use of virtual private networks in their territory, as a strict measure to avoid their citizens from accessing certain content online. Typically, it is to forbid access to popular social media platforms and forums.

It is recommended to learn if there are any legal consequences before using a VPN in the country you are currently living in.

Are free VPNs as good as paid VPNs?

Free VPN platforms do not offer the same high levels of privacy and security as paid VPN providers. However, free platforms are useful to protect users at public Wi-Fi networks, where information is more vulnerable.

Paid VPN providers offer a large variety of features as well as more bandwidth, which is helpful for businesses needing to handle high loads of traffic.

Does a VPN provide complete anonymity?

The 256-bit encryption level provides anonymity almost with 100 percent efficiency. However, the most skillful of the hackers could still know your identity.

Is it worth it to use a VPN despite not providing complete anonymity?

There are various benefits associated with using VPNs that make them absolutely worth it to use.

Using a VPN not just makes users almost anonymous while surfing the web, but also protects users from malware, data theft, tracking, and targeted ads.

Does a VPN slow down the Internet connection?

The speed of the Internet connection does become slower while using a virtual private network, in a minor amount though. However, paid VPN providers offer high-performance servers where the decrease in speed is almost undetectable, unlike free VPN platforms.

The encryption and decryption process happening on both ends of the virtual tunnel is the main reason for the Internet connection issues experienced when using a VPN.

Do VPN providers sell my data?

VPN providers do keep client’s logs but do not sell their data, unlike Internet service providers. VPNs usually use the client’s log information to improve the service provided and fix network problems.

Users can learn more about the way a VPN platform handles their data in the terms and conditions contract.

Is it possible to save money using VPNs?

Plenty of online businesses vary the fee for their services according to the client’s geographic location. Therefore, users can save money on different website subscriptions and streaming services by changing their online addresses.

Is it a wide technological knowledge needed to use a VPN?

Modern VPN platforms are intuitive and easy to use. Any user with a basic understanding of technology can quickly and successfully configure the settings.