SelfAdvertiser Review: Obtain Quality Traffic

Many people have asked me over the years where to go to buy traffic? The problem is that some of the ad networks are not trustworthy, while others simply don’t provide good service to their users. Still others may be highly reliable, but the traffic they provide is not the kind of traffic that your business needs

Well, if I have to provide a recommendation — out of all of the good platforms that I’ve personally experienced, I have found that is one of the most successful and efficient to work with.

SelfAdvertiser Review, a self-service platform for advertisers, is a division of Intango – an international leader in advertising networks and technologies, established in 2008. Having said that, one of the biggest advantages of this platform is that its delivers ads using the company’s own adware, and it’s direct publishers. It has 2 billion ad impressions every day, allowing you to easily target and reach exactly the right audience.

This robust platform, which is in my opinion, one of the best of its kind in the industry, is a straightforward solution for advertisers. It is a solid option that, compared to other available solutions, provides you with some of the best offers in the industry.

Most Convenient and Simple to Operate

The first thing I noticed when I started doing my research is that has an easy-to-use dashboard, allowing quick and convenient orientation even for beginners.

I was able to get my campaign up and running in minutes and obtain high-quality traffic for my website in a short time. Practically speaking, this means that you don’t have to be an expert in order to use this platform successfully.

But if you discover that you do need some professional service or any kind of customer support, you get it. Actually, the minute I joined the platform, I was given a personal account manager who was at my service — to answer my questions and give me tips and advice, to improve my campaign. The support team was efficient and friendly. I generally got a response to my emails in just a couple of hours, and could contact them over Skype, which is quite unusual. supports a wide variety of ad formats (based on a CPV model) that you can select from. You can choose pop ads (pop-up, pop-under, tab-up, and tab-under); paid search ads; domain redirect / zero click; and video ad formats.

I also loved the idea that I could fully control my ads budget. I had the option to choose how small or large a budget I wanted to use, and to closely monitor my expenses.

Thanks to the platform’s analysis and tracking tools, I was able to stay in the loop and get the right information at the right time. I was exposed to detailed, advanced, updated data, allowing me to monitor my campaign — and even more than that, to make adjustments in real-time.

This platform’s data-driven, cutting-edge technology helped me reach a highly targeted audience. I was able to choose any device (smartphone, tablet, or desktop) and any country around the globe, to maximize my results. I could also opt for sponsored results, highly relevant in-text ads, or remarketing ads.

How Do You Get Started?

While some of the other options out there take time to set up, with you can create your ad campaign in a matter of minutes. Watch the traffic flow! Then, you can start to analyze it, tweak where necessary, and sit back to celebrate your success! Here’s how to start:

1. Go to the website, then click Create Your Campaign Now

2. Enter your Name, Email, Location, Phone, User Name, and Password. Click I Agree to the Terms, then click Sign Up

3. Choose whether you want a PPV (Pay per View) or PPC (Pay per Click) campaign. If you don’t want to decide now, click I’ll Do It Later

4. Confirm your email address, and you’re done!

It generally takes just a few hours for your ads to be live, though in unusual situations, it can take up to 48 hours.’s pop ads are adjusted in size to match the dimensions of each person’s browser, so they display very naturally on the screen.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you first use your new account, you’ll be asked to make an initial deposit of $100, and transfer payment via PayPal or a credit card. If it’s more convenient, you can also contact the team and pay via wire transfer. After your initial deposit, subsequent deposits can be as low as $10.

So What are You Waiting for?

With so many options available, it’s hard to know where to start. But if I have to make a recommendation, I would say that you must try this advanced, intuitive, and robust platform. Get started today and reach the right audience, at the perfect time to boost your sales.