Scanguard Antivirus Review

Nowadays when malware becomes more sophisticated, the necessity to protect your computer with your sensitive files becomes vital. Fortunately, antivirus programming is also evolving and we have a big variety of software to choose from. One of the newest antivirus products is Scanguard which offers three packages for your convenience.

According to Scanguard reviews, you get more features and a bigger number of devices to be covered with the more expensive packages. Scanguard provides two types of scans which will keep your devices protected:

  • a quick scan aimed at checking your desktop, downloads, and browsers;
  • a full scan for a deeper examination.

If the antivirus finds something suspicious, the file will be blocked immediately to avoid unpleasant surprises. Basically, this software does a good job it is meant for ? defends your privacy from unwanted penetration.

Scanguard antivirus review: benefits for your computer

As with any other antivirus solutions, this new software has advantages and weaknesses. Below is a brief Scanguard review which describes our main findings. Pluses:

  • A wide range of features to defend your privacy.
  • Free edition which is good enough to check your computer.
  • Strongly encrypted and easy-to-use VPN.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • All packages can be installed on any type of devices, including tablets and cell phones; no need to register additional accounts.
  • DiskCleaning will remove all duplicates and junk files on your device.
  • Strong parental control with a variety of features.
  • Good price (for the first year) and money-back guaranty.
  • Tools which improve the performance.
  • Strong customer support which is there for you 24/7 whatever the day is.
  • Renewal rates are rather high in comparison to what competitors offer. And if you don’t track the expiration date, Scanguard will charge the money automatically.
  • No free trial. You must purchase one of the packages if you want to heal your device.
  • Since the product is new, there are no authoritative test results or Scanguard reviews from respected bloggers available.
  • Microsoft has not recognized the company yet, so the software may have compatibility problems with Windows Defender.
  • No antivirus feature for iOS.

Scanguard software review: final remarks

Despite the fact that this is a new product, Scanguard is certainly one of the most reliable antivirus programming available at the market. In their Scanguard antivirus reviews, happy customers say the software is great for protecting their computers and there is no need to worry about its performance. It also does not put much pressure on the operational system. Even if a real-time scan is performed, your computer will be working at its usual speed, which is a definite plus.

Also, you shouldn’t possess any special knowledge to utilize the software. It is simple and intuitive and you can customize the program according to your needs. Also, according to our Scanguard review, the company’s website offers a solid knowledge base which will help you to solve barely any problem on your own. May you still have any questions or troubles the customer support will assist you instantly.