Saving Money on Online Shopping Like a Pro

Online shopping is fun, satisfying, and budget-friendly. However, wouldn’t it be better, if you can come up with additional ways to save a few more bucks? Online products, irrespective of what you need, come for cheap. Isn’t it so?

So, how is it even possible to save on online shopping? Don’t worry, here are a few practical ways in which you can save money on online shopping.

Saving Money on Online Shopping Like a Pro

How to save money on online shopping

1. Grab discount coupons

Using discount coupons while shopping is one of the tried and tested methods of saving money on online shopping. Online coupons and deals are the latest fads and you can practically save on almost everything, be it everyday needs, fashion, cosmetics, groceries, food, medicines, and more. For example, you can check out GrabOn to get some great deals and offers. Here you can get coupons on cab bookings, fashion, shoes, accessories, books, food, grocery, etc.

2. Comparison shopping works

Even if it takes up a few minutes of your shopping time, this is in fact a great way to find the best deal. There are so many online stores at present. And it is quite likely that they would be competing with each other, thereby offering great deals to attract more customers. You will never be able to find out who is offering the best if you fail to go the comparison route. There are lots of price comparison sites to make the process easier for you.

3. Stop being impulsive

This is one option where the baton is completely passed on; into your hands. You will have to exercise extreme self-control to save money this way. I will share my experience here. I am a fervent online shopper and most of the time I end up spending quite a lot on my shopping. One day, it was just by chance or maybe by luck (online payment options were not working) that I left behind a product in the cart, rather than taking the checkout. And I forgot about the whole thing in the course of the day. By the time I remembered about it again, the impulse to buy the product was gone! From that time on, I have tried this trick quite a few times and I did save a lot that way.

4. Check shipping terms and conditions

Make it a point to check the shipping terms and conditions of the stores in detail. Not all the stores have the same terms and conditions. The way in which Myntra or Jabong work is vastly different from Amazon or Flipkart (these are just examples). Getting a particular product shipped to your place from Amazon can cost you equal to its price, in some cases. So, if you want to save money, do check the shipping terms and the merchant offers before placing an order.

5. Check reward/payback points

A great way to save on online shopping is to check if the store from whom you are going to buy your choice of products offer reward or payback points. Lots of points can add up over time and this can help you save while shopping. Here I would like to provide another personal experience. I love creating fashionable designs in apparel and got a great option in Limeroad to try out my hobby. What I didn’t know when I started creating the fashion scrapbooks with them is that they offer credits on each of the looks created. It was when I bought a Customized tee for myself, that I realized the benefit.

You may think why waste energy on saving petty cash. But, let me tell you that it is pennies that add up to a dollar. I can assure you that the above-discussed points are some of the best ways to save money, if not all. You can obviously devise your own ways to save even more.