Sagenda is a Free Online Appointment Scheduler

Being a fan of things tech, I am always on the lookout for new software. It has become quite an obsession of mine, an obsession that sometimes enables me to find some of the best software available. Yesterday I came across a helpful bit of software called Sagenda. It has been developed by Iteration, which is a Swiss company that specializes in innovation.

Sagenda is a Free Online Appointment Scheduler

Sagenda is a free online appointment scheduler that manages internal scheduling. It can be added to any website and is targeted to help a wide range of businesses. The software has been designed to ensure that everyone has the ability to turn their WordPress Blog or website into a professional online booking tool.

What made me take notice of Sagenda is that it is free and unlike most other “free” software, Sagenda does not trick you into buying upgrades. This is made possible because they charge large enterprise companies for custom packages. That sounds like a winning formula to me. Although Sagenda may be promoted to help businesses that provide online accommodation, medical appointments or event booking services, the possibilities are endless.

Installing Sagenda to WordPress is surprisingly simple. The plugin works with all of the WordPress versions up to and including 4.2. Once it has been downloaded, all that is needed is to register an account and authenticate yourself. Then you just type your personal code into your WordPress settings and everything is ready.

After registering for an account, Sagenda will give you the option to get the software online through a WordPress plugin or by inputting the HTML code manually to any other site. This is very straightforward and once it is all set up you will have the ability to be able to manage all of your online bookings and access client notifications on any of your websites.

Its responsive theme works perfectly on all devices and you can have quite a bit of fun comparing its use on laptops, iPads and Smartphone’s. One of the other great things about Sagenda is that it has no ads. It is also pretty easy to configure appointments, as it is a step-by-step process. All that is required is to create a list of bookable items, some events and then publish them for anyone to view.

Sagenda is a fully integrated online system that is extremely versatile. It offers the ability to make single, recurrent and group bookings and will provide as much information as you want any guests to know about the booking. It’s fully integrated system is the perfect way to turn your business into a highly efficient model of operation, as it will improve your client co-ordination and expand your customer accounts.

Luckily, if you need support while using Sagenda, you don’t have to worry a tad bit. It offers full customer support on WordPress or from your Sagenda account. There is also easy to read advice offered during the setup process. Simply hold your mouse arrow over the numerous question mark symbols, which are dotted around in helpful places, and you will be able to read through the small pop up texts that explain your next step. Sagenda also has a number of links, that when clicked, take you directly to the many self-help manuals.

There is a reason that Sagenda, although new, has found itself becoming a cornerstone of many successful businesses; it is extremely useful but still maintains a great ease of use. As a result, I am sure it won’t be long until every business on the planet will be operating this system for all of their bookings. Do give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.