Review of Loving Not Working

As one of the first students of Loving Not Working (LNW), I was able to test this online business course personally.

If you’re an Internet Marketer like me, you’re probably looking for the best method (or methods) to make money online. Well, there are lots and lots of IM courses out there – and I have bought a LOT of them. To tell you frankly, most of them don’t work and are simply a waste of money.

Loving Not Working is different. I like it because it works.

Review of Loving Not Working

If you’re interested in the Loving Not Working coaching program by Anna Macko, read my comprehensive review of the product first. I know, the title itself is intriguing – with this review, you will find out why it’s called that way and whether it deserves such a title. Oh, and yes – you will be able to gauge for yourself if this course will work for you too. So read on!

What is Loving Not Working and Who is Anna Macko?

Anna Macko is the successful online entrepreneur behind Loving Not Working (LNW). She has been making money online for over 10 years now using her own LNW formula. It’s a tried and tested formula – aside from money, Anna invested years of blood, sweat and tears to perfect the methods included in the course.

I have been an Internet Marketer for a few years now – and I must say, I’ve never seen anything like this before. LNW is like an all-in-one course, so it teaches everything Internet Marketers should know about online business.

I really like calling myself an Internet Marketer and/ or online entrepreneur. Such titles connote ambition, drive, determination, persistence, and patience among other things – just to achieve online success. Unfortunately, online success is not easy to achieve, because it takes an expert to really dominate the Internet and make money online – the kind of money that will give you financial freedom and not just pocket money to buy you coffee, ok?

Well, that’s what I found in Anna Macko’s Loving Not Working course. Anna Macko is an expert (though she shuns the term Internet guru, she actually is one). With her tried and tested formula to online success, she guides and supports her students so that they can reach the same level of success she’s enjoying right now.

Who Will Benefit from Loving Not Working?

Struggling Internet Marketers who are stuck with minimal income on their online ventures will definitely benefit from this course. Veteran IMs will also benefit from it because they will discover other methods of making money online.

Loving Not Working is a promise – that after it’s fully set up and functional, you literally don’t have to work. At this point, I am not there yet – but I’m well on my way there. I know, and I have proof – so just keep reading.

The Road to Online Success

The road to online success is difficult. No, it is not paved with gold – it’s actually rough and bumpy (I am speaking from my own experience here). Online entrepreneurs typically waste a lot of money to find the money-making formula that really works on the Internet – but usually fail again and again (again, I am speaking from my own experience). It’s really hard. And if you can relate to what I have gone through, you will be glad that you stumbled upon Anna Macko’s Loving Not Working.

Anna Macko, like all other successful entrepreneurs, had her own share of disappointments in life. She was homeless for a while and was even $150,000 in debt. But she’s really superhuman, you know – she used all her past experiences and failures and mistakes to come up with a formula that can be used on the Internet to make money. I’m talking residual income here, so it’s money that continuously goes into your bank account even when you’re not doing anything.

Fortunately, Anna Macko decided to share her formula with other online entrepreneurs. By learning from her mistakes, we don’t have to go through the same mistakes to achieve the level of success she has now. Also, we don’t need to waste any more money buying other online courses because Loving Not Working has it all. Seriously.

Anna Macko is also continuously developing the LNW formula as she learns new stuff. Right now, however, the course contains at least 10 money making methods on the Internet. I am going to discuss a few of my favorite ones below.

Blogging – I have blogs, but they’re not really making a lot of money before I implemented the LNW formula. But hey, Anna went in and reviewed my websites and gave suggestions on how to tweak the design and strategies I am currently using to increase conversion – and it’s already working. The course includes a blueprint for setting up a successful blog which includes the following:

putting up a website

designing a website/ blog

building a list

generating traffic

increasing conversion

maintaining a site

Affiliate Marketing – I know this is everybody’s favorite, and it’s one of my favorite make money online methods too. Before I enrolled in the LNW course, however, I was making minimal profits with my affiliate marketing efforts. I learned about keyword research and SEO through the course and now I know how to choose the right offers that will convert and increase my profits – thanks to Anna.

Sell Your Own Products – I know this sounds a bit scary, but it’s actually one of the best ways to make money online. Oh, and if you get into the LNW course, you will find that it’s not that hard after all. Anna teaches her students how to do this method step by step – from coming up with a product to sell to finding a supplier to shipping directly to the buyers. I never thought it would be this easy – I am currently onto this right now and it’s really very exciting. Unlike affiliate marketing, this method allows me to dictate my own price and profit. Yay!

Make Money with Adsense – Placing Google ads on your website is another way to make money without really doing or selling anything. In the LNW course, Anna teaches ways on how to maximize your revenues through the ads on your blog. She uses white hat methods, by the way, so you won’t be violating Google’s regulations when you follow her techniques.

e-commerce – I have always wanted to have an online store, and now I have one. Anna herself used to sell Halloween contact lenses and has made a lot of money with it. In the course, she shows her students how it’s done step by step.

What’s in the LNW Training?

Right now, there are 20 modules in Loving Not Working plus bonuses. Listed below are just some of the training you will get when you enroll in the course.




Affiliate Marketing


Keyword research

Competition analysis

Setting up website/ blog

Choosing offers/ products

Building audience/ followers

Building Social Media presence (especially Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram)

Building Backlinks

Video Marketing (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Using methods to accelerate profits

And there are even more than that.

All the training I listed above are presented through videos, by the way. Some of the lessons are short and some are longer extensive videos but are worth every bit of your time. I watched them all a couple of times before really implementing the lessons I learned.

I particularly like the lesson on PPC. You see, Anna has a strategy that will speed up the time to earn profits. SEO works, of course, but PPC works better because it works instantly. With the right approach, PPC can be VERY rewarding – but it’s risky too because you can lose money if your campaigns fail. Anna shows how to minimize all those risks.

But Anna covers everything to make the strategy foolproof. For one, she provides a spreadsheet – it’s like a magic spreadsheet (LOL). With this spreadsheet, you will know in advance if a campaign will work or not (I told you it’s magical). Anna demonstrates how it works and she shows how NOT to lose money in the process. The “magic” spreadsheet will contain the cost per click, conversion rate, amount to invest, profit margin, AND A LOT MORE! It’s really impressive.

So basically, the Loving Not Working course covers everything – and I really mean everything. It’s complete training for online entrepreneurs (beginners and veterans) and when you apply the rinse and repeat method – you’ll simply make more and more money. Bam! – passive income for many years to come!

Considering the Benefits

I know it may seem overwhelming right now. So let me break down to you some of the benefits of the course and what you’ll get when you enroll in LNW.

20 modules that showcase at least 10 online money-making methods.

Tweaks that will increase conversion on your existing sites.

Easy to understand, actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.

Full support from Anna Macko herself and all the students in the LNW class.

A lot of options to choose from based on your strengths, interests, and budget.

Complete Internet Marketing lessons on building sites, generating traffic, building a list, choosing products to sell, optimizing conversion, etc.

As you can see, it’s like getting an entire college education on Internet Marketing. With just this one course, anyone (and I really mean anyone) can be an online entrepreneur. Oh, and I believe it’s reasonably priced too.

The Price – Is it Worth it?

It’s not cheap but it is worth it. The price increases every year as Anna keeps adding more and more to the course, so I feel pretty lucky to have enrolled early.

Enrollees/ students get lifetime access to the LNW network, so any additional modules will also be available to you for free. Oh, and you really have nothing to lose because Anna Macko also offers a money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the course.

And remember, Anna Macko is an expert in online marketing – so the course is really worth more than its price right now. When she was just starting out, she used to charge $200 per hour as a consultation fee. And now she’s offering this course where you can get her full support every step of the way.

Note too that LNW was only launched last year but it’s already getting stellar reviews from her students and fellow Internet Marketing experts. Anna is 100% supportive of all her students because she knows that her students’ success will make the course even more successful through the years.

The Negative Side

I really can’t find any negative aspects to LNW. Well, maybe some people have the misconception that it doesn’t involve any kind of work because of the name of the course.

Loving Not Working.

Do you need to work? Of course, you do, especially in the beginning. All that setup is not going to do itself.

Here’s why it’s called Loving Not Working. After following all of Anna’s instructions (including hiring freelancers) you can run your online business handsfree. Yes, the not working part is because of 2 things, the first thing is automating the processes, and the second part mainly involves hiring people to do the work for you. And again, Anna will show you how and where to hire the best and most affordable outsourcers to do all the work for you.

So again, you do need to work at the beginning because you need to set things up, learn how to run your business, and hire outsourcers. But after your first successful campaign, all you need to do is repeat the process and leverage to increase your profits. Yes, it becomes easier (and simpler) as you learn things and go on.

How I Rate Loving Not Working (or LNW for short)

This is a review, so I am now going to rate the product. 5 is the highest score.

Price – 4.5 because it’s not cheap. However, it’s worth every penny.

Usability – 5 because the instructional videos are easy to follow and the support system (with Anna Macko and all LNW students) is simply great.

Quality – 5 because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Total Rating: 4.8

I highly recommend Loving Not Working because it can literally change your life forever. Here are the steps on how to do it:

Step 1 – Register to LNW.

Step 2 – Follow and implement the lessons in the instructional videos.

Step 3 – Rinse and repeat.

Anna Macko is really responsive on her Instagram @lovingnotworking so if you are thinking of starting on your journey to online success then you can follow her there or read her blog.

The LNW course has helped me, and I’m sure it will help you too. Yes, LNW has transformed my life because I am making more money now than ever before. The best part is, I actually work less than before too! I am down to 20 hours a week but eventually, my goal is to only work 5 hours a week. Anna explains how there are different stages and I am still in an early stage. I now have a team and my team is also steadily expanding as my business is starting to grow. I am really very excited for the future because I am finally on my way to financial freedom.

Remember, you only need these 3 things to be a successful online entrepreneur:

Computer and Internet connection.

Desire to succeed.

Blueprint/ formula to online success (LNW).

Anna Macko is like an online business coach and life coach all in one. She teaches her students the exact methods she uses on making money online and she also motivates the whole LNW class to overcome obstacles along the way. I really like her style.

Be Like Anna

Anna loves exploring the world while “working” (yes, she loves traveling and meeting new people).

Right now I am still working on setting up my online business the LNW way. I am not quite where Anna is yet, but I know I will eventually get there.

Soon, I will be loving not working too.