Pre-Workout Supplements Improve Gaming Performance?

In 2015, more than 71 million people worldwide watched competitive gaming tournaments. Whether you are new to competitive gaming, have been a competitive gamer for some time, or simply love watching the sport, you can attest to just how thrilling it can be to watch professionals, go head to head. Regardless of the video game, they are playing, the experience can be captivating to say the least.

In most sports, it is common to have workout and training supplements to help people improve their performance. It is no different in competitive gaming. Many players are now taking pre-workout supplements to improve their gaming performance. Are pre-workout supplements really giving people an edge or is it just a lot of hot air? Let’s take a moment to find out.

Supplements Improve Gaming Performance

Skill Vs. Supplement

No matter how good the supplement is, it will not give you an advantage in competitive gaming unless you also have the skill as well. Being a skilled player means knowing the mechanics of the game, controls, conditions, and more. Building the skill level will put you leagues ahead of the competition. When skill levels are equal, supplements might be able to provide one side with a slight advantage. Because of this, supplement use in e-sports has become a conversation that people are having throughout the industry.

Gaming Supplements

Pre-workout supplements for gamers are designed to boost a gamer’s performance. Typical performance improvements include better reaction time, heightened alertness, and focus. It is easy for a supplement to go too far, and make the person twitchy and overreactive. For instance, consider coffee. Too much coffee can leave a player at a disadvantage.

What is the difference between a pre-workout for athletes and a pre-workout for gamers?

According to Supplement Express there are many different types of pre-workout supplements, in particular, the ‘concentrated pre-workout doesn’t seem to differ much from supplements designed for gaming. In fact, after a closer look, concentrated pre-workout supplements used by athletes generally have the same or very similar ingredients to that of the gaming variety. But if you are after a pre-workout particularly designed for gaming, then there are a few supplements that are marketed towards e-sports players.

VG’s Edge

In particular, VG’s Edge is one supplement that has growing popularity by e-sports players and its audience/casual gamers. The supplement is said to improve reaction time, giving the player an advantage over the similarly skilled competition. Every day, more and more supplements enter the marketplace, specifically targeting gamers. The need for these supplements is further pushed by the stakes. For many, winning at e-sports means scholarships, award money, and even a career spent playing the game they love.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of supplements in e-sports, we can all agree that more attention will have to be paid to this new trend of performance-enhancing supplements for gaming.