Online Remote Work Tools That Every Virtual Assistant Needs

Companies are expected to be flexible now because of the pandemic. More and more people are being asked to work from home to ensure the safety of the workforce. And sadly, some companies had to lay off workers due to the situation and most people have resulted to getting employments online.

Because of this, there is a high demand for remote work tools to ensure that a team is able to function despite not being together. Both hardware and software. But today, we’re only going to talk about online remote work tools that your team needs to use to become more productive.

Tools That Every Virtual Assistant Needs

Google Drive

If you haven’t used Google Drive yet, then you’re missing out on a lot because you can use this not only for work but for a lot of personal tasks. Imagine Microsoft Office but everything is web-based, easily accessible on any device, and all your files having shareable links.

You can practically create a PowerPoint presentation and have a whole team access it in seconds. You can also upload big files like videos without jeopardizing their quality. And all you need to register is a Google email address. Isn’t that easy?


If you haven’t heard of Zoom yet, it’s only the most popular conferencing tool right now. It’s suddenly everywhere!

The main reason why it’s so popular is that it can hold up to 100 attendees with no problem at all. Imagine having a meeting with your whole office at the comfort of your home without the usual lags you get from other apps.


We know how a company can be running several projects at a time. And it isn’t very ideal to put people in conversations where they’re not needed because that’s just very mentally cluttering. Trello is a great tool to categorize teams and projects under a single website.

With this tool, you can create projects and lists for only a group of people to see. This way, those who don’t need to be in the loop can stay out of the loop. Each project page allows you to create tasks, move around tasks and assign them to others, upload media, and even chat! It’s so useful and it’s free!


Time tracking is essential for a lot of companies because most remote workers are paid by the hour. Tools like Toggl will ensure that your boss sees how productive you are. This way, there will be no questions asked when payday comes! And besides, you shouldn’t be iffy of time trackers if you really make use of your time properly.


Canva will come in handy for remote workers who handle digital marketing and graphic designing. It is a free web-based tool that helps you create marketing material with pre-made templates. Think of this is as an easier version, user-friendlier variety of Adobe photoshop.

We must warn you, though. Once you start using Canva, you might not be able to stop anymore because the possibilities to become creative are just endless with this website!

And there you have it!

We mentioned very basic interfaced tools for you to check out. Hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to share them with your team!