Norton Antivirus Review

Norton antivirus is for sure one of the well-known companies in the sphere of antivirus protection due to its reliable reputation. The software product has been existing since 1991, making it one of the oldest ones as well. One will appreciate the customer-support relationship, while it is outstanding. I besides, Norton offers some basic critical features together with extra features that please one’s needs.

Norton antivirus has got a bunch of features that attract the users. It does not matter whether one chooses some simple package or an advanced one, Norton has got deals with this greatly. Offering solid security, Norton can be used with Windows, Mac, and also for both Android and iOS mobile devices. The users will appreciate this software for simplicity in use, good interface, quality customer support, and, of course, e set of features to protect one’s device.

Norton Antivirus Price and Plans

Norton has got four packages at affordable prices:

  1. Norton Antivirus Plus – $39.99 per year.
  2. Norton 360 Standard – $49.99 per year.
  3. Norton 360 Deluxe – $59.99 per year.
  4. Norton 360 with LifeLock Select – $99.99 per year.

It should be said that the prices above are meant for the new users. With Norton, it is more profitable to purchase the antivirus for two years, as the saving, in this case, accounts for around $50-90. As for the Norton packages, all four are updates in accordance with the latest innovations and user needs.

Norton Antivirus Plus

The package includes all the basic tools to protect one’s device from different ransomware and malware. Choosing this package, a user also gets a quality firewall, anti-phishing tools, and even password manager. As a bonus, one receives a completely secure 2GB of cloud storage. It works well with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Norton 360 Standard

The package has got all the basic features characteristic of the Norton Antivirus Plus. However, cloud storage memory is 10 GB. In addition to basic tools, there are VPN, webcam protection, and also Dark Web Monitoring.

Norton 360 Deluxe

The package reminds of the standard one with some extra features. Specifically, the Deluxe plan has got parental control that can easily be managed by Web Portal. Besides, cloud storage memory is 50 GB. The package covers 5 different devices as well.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Select

The package offers the same tools and options the Deluxe package does. What makes this plan outstanding is the fact that one gets several identity theft protective tools to strengthen one’s security.

Norton Antivirus Pros


  • Fast scanning
  • Strong protection
  • Ease of use
  • SONAR protection
  • Customer support

Fast scanning

In most cases, it takes lots of time for the antivirus to scan the entire system for some malicious files, viruses, and other threats. Norton, on the other hand, is optimized in such a way that the scanning time is vividly shorter. Thanks to cloud-based protection, the antivirus does all the scanning and other functions on the cloud.

Strong protection

Along with other reputable antivirus programs, Norton offers strong protection by means of real-time security tools against spyware, worms, viruses, rootkit, trojans. Using Norton, one remains calm as for the device’s security as this antivirus filters user’s email, browsing, or instant messengers. What is more, Norton scans a Facebook wall because it is a common hackers’ means to spread malware.

Ease of use

The program’s interface is rather user-friendly: the developers care about UI’s accessibility for the sake of positive user experience and continuously upgrade it. One can exploit all the available tools with no problems. The same goes with Norton’s installation as it is extremely clear and simple even for those who are not IT experts.

SONAR technology

Norton’s SONAR technology aims at more precise and fast identification of the unknown dangers. The technology itself is a proactive guard module. Also, Norton Security antivirus does a great job of blocking suspicious sites, potentially dangerous downloads, and offers convenient configuration options for the Silent Mode.

Strong customer support service

Customer support is, indeed, a strong point of Norton. One will appreciate the 24/7 availability of the technicians who can help one handle any issue. To reach the support team, one can use a telephone number (1 (833) 240-3389), chatbox, or write an email concerned with an issue. Notably, any user can get support’s help despite the package.

Norton Antivirus Cons


  • Software setup problems may occur
  • Resources demanding
  • Poor choice of packages

Resources demanding

One of the obvious drawbacks is that Norton is rather demanding on resources. The program is cloud-based and occupies the resources running on the background. As a result, other software may function slow and, moreover, one can mention that the device itself may also work a little bit slower with antivirus.

Software setup problems

Sometimes the performance of Norton antivirus may become a real hurdle, as one tries to install any popular software. The reason is that the antivirus blocks the installation process, denying any actions from the side of a user. Eventually, one will have to decide whether to change the antivirus provider or to abort the in software’s setup.

Poor choice of packages

A considerable choice may become a burden. Nonetheless, when it comes to the more profitable antivirus plan, it makes sense. In the case of Norton’s plans, the choice seems to be not that big. The provider’s subscription options are radical, while there is an option to get better coverage at a high cost, or something basic at low cost. For the developers, it would be better if they reconsider the price approach and offer something that will be in the middle and fit the needs and opportunities of an average user.

Norton Extra Features

Norton has got plenty of helpful features in terms of security. As for the extra features, these will not disappoint one as well. In different packages of the provider, one can find file cleanup, personal firewall, parental control, startup manager, disk optimizer, a password manager, and also 25 GB of cloud memory in Security Premium suite.

How to install and setup Norton Antivirus

How to install and setup Norton on Windows

Here are the steps to follow to set up the software on Windows:

  • As one decides on Norton installation, the first thing to do is to create a Norton account which is not that troublesome.
  • When everything is done, one should sign in to the previously created Norton account.
  • The next thing to do is to click ‘Download’ that can be found on the main page.
  • After this, a user will see a popup window saying ‘Download Norton from Microsoft store’ and should click on this button.
  • Thus, one gets straight to the Norton Security page on Microsoft Store.
  • Here, the installation process is almost over as the only thing one should do is to click ‘Get.’ At this point, one should simply follow all the instructions that appear on the screen to finish the process.

How to install Norton on Mac

Below are the simple steps on how to install Norton on Mac:

  • Create a Norton account and enter it.
  • As one enters the account, the “Download Norton” option should be visible.
  • There, one should click “Agree & Download” that is right below the title that says “Install on this device.”
  • Now, one has got the needed setup file and is required to extract the folder named “Install Norton Security” and open it.
  • When the previous step is done, the installer’s interface is visible; one should click “Install.” Note, that by clicking ‘Install,’ one also accepts the Privacy Policy and Norton’s License Agreement, therefore, one should make sure that these documents are carefully read.
  • As the installation process is on, one will also see a message saying that a helper tool is required for the further setup. Here, one must enter the macOS password details in the corresponding field and click on the button “Install Helper.”
  • After the previous step, the Norton interface should appear. If not, then something was made wrong. A user will see a message questioning whether he or she wants to install the antivirus on an additional device. One should skip this step.
  • Here, the setup process is over, and the welcoming window will open. At this point, one can start a tour and explore all the features offered by Norton or skip this step.
    The setup process is done.

How to install Norton on Android

The installation algorithm for Norton on Android is as follows:

  • Using one’s Android device, go to Google Play and search for the Norton Mobile Security in the search box. In case if one does not use Google Play Store, there is another way to download the app – through the side-load feature.
  • As one finds the needed app, one should simply click ‘Install’ and open it.
  • Then, one will see a popup message asking to get acquainted with the Norton License Agreement and Terms of Use and also Norton Mobile Privacy Policy. One should read closely these and click “Continue.”
  • After all these actions, the installation process is on. Additionally, Live Update, Anti-Malware, and App Advisor scanning are running at the same moment. Now, that the setup is over, one is welcome to log in to an already created Norton account and get down to work with the antivirus.

How to install Norton on iOS

Here are some simple steps to install Norton antivirus on iOS:

  • The first thing one should do to setup Norton antivirus is to sign in to the previously created Norton account from the iOS gadget.
  • In the search box, one should write Norton Mobile Security and find the app, click on it and then, “Next.”
  • The following thing to do is to click ‘Download on the App Store’ so that one is redirected to the Norton Mobile Security app.
  • Here is the simple step – one should click “Get” and “Install.”
  • Here, the setup process is over, and one can simply click “Norton Mobile Security” to start the work with the antivirus.

Our Verdict

Norton’s antivirus is a solid software and offers good security tools against malware. Perhaps, some will find that extra features are lacking or the packages are not that diverse. Besides, the absence of a VPN can be critical for some users as well. However, in general, Norton software is a worthy product to try out.