NetHost Review: Web Hosting Singapore

A reliable working website is one of the major tools needed to maintain an online presence. Whether it’s your business, personal or corporate site; getting it online and keeping it running is not usually an easy thing to do. This is partly because many web hosting companies provide services that you can conclude as unreliable and inefficient.

Web hosting is more than just getting a domain for your website or making it available online for a good period of time; It incorporates the capacity to easily manage your website as a user with enough resources to increase its functionality because a less functional website could be bad for business, that is why much emphasis is made on getting the right web host. It is to this end that I recommend NetHost.

NetHost Review

Why is NetHost a good hosting provider?

For an incredible experience in web hosting, NetHost Singapore is one of the best fits. The company provides almost unlimited space for your website on their Singapore-based server with enough support and tools to manage your web pages in order to ensure the optimal use of your website at every point in time. They boast of highly organized fast customer service available round the clock with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Special Offers

Depending on the nature of your website or needs, NetHost Singapore offers very interesting packages at cost-effective prices. These packages ranges from $10 to $60 per month depending on the plan you need. Each plan usually comes with a free instant set-up and transfer (as appropriate) and includes unlimited sub-domains, parked domains and bandwidth.

The minimum storage provided for any website is 5GB, offered with the basic plan at $5. Higher storage options are available depending on the plan you choose. Email support and automatic backup of files is done almost every week ensuring that all your documents are secured. The robust structure of the company also enables them to provide up to 99.9% network uptime guarantee with each plan making sure that your website is available online almost every time. Of course, this is one limitation of a good number of web hosting providers. An even better offer is the provision of a good number of MySQL databases and email accounts depending on the plan.


Along with many interesting services, perhaps the inclusion of a special cPanel technology is one thing that makes this Web hosting company a very good option. This technology gives you enough freedom and flexibility in every aspect of your web hosting account. With this feature, you can easily edit your website files, create unique custom email addresses and many more, without the requirement for any complex development skills.

Also worthy of note is the provision of one-click automatic installer which makes it possible for users to install scripts, programs and other desirable extensions such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal or CMS. Furthermore, the company also supports either cloud hosting or shared hosting with the availability of a fast reliable and dedicated VPS server.

Finally, NetHost Singapore is one of the few companies around whose reputation and innovation in recent times has been the major reason for their continued success and recognition in the industry. If you ever desire to run a successful business online that is relatively free of downtimes or unplanned shut-downs, then NetHost is a good bet for your money. They remain one of the surest ways to reach the world through your website. Do check them out and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.