MySimpleShow Review- A Free Explainer Video Creator

MySimpleShow is an online tool that lets you create stunning explaining videos in minutes. Now you don’t have to worry about things like video editing, animation, and design. The creators of MySimpleShow believe that a content creator should be able to fully focus on their original job(which is content creation!) and not worry about other technicalities. This is why they came up with this free online tool that can even be used by a non-tech person.

MySimpleShow review

About the Founder of Simpleshow

Simpleshow is a Luxembourg based SaaS(Software as a service) company. It was founded in the year 2008 by Jens Schmelzle and Kai Blisch. The company has international offices in Berlin, Stuttgart, London, Miami, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Features of MySimpleShow-A Free Explainer Video Creator

1. Storyline templates: MySimpleShow provides storyline templates to help you get started with your explainer video creation process. It can be a bit overwhelming to create your first video. This is why the storyline templates are so necessary.

2. Record your voice or let the software do the talking: A voiceover is a vital component of creating an awesome explainer video. You can either do the voiceover in your voice or let the highly sophisticated text-to-speech tool do the taking.

3. Tell great stories to grow your social media following: The software helps you to create great stories by providing useful suggestions and examples. Writing a script for an explainer video requires you to be organized. This tool helps you to achieve this goal as well. Once you are done writing a script, the explainer engine automatically generates a storyboard where you can fine-tune your script.

What I like about MySimpleShow

All technical work is done by the product itself. All you have to do is create amazing content and pick elements that suit the best for your content. Most content creators procrastinate on starting their YouTube channel or working as an “Explainer Video Creator” on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. I feel, not knowing the technical aspects of video creation is the main reason behind this procrastination. MySimpleShow eliminates this obstacle.

What I don’t like about MySimpleShow

There is a free version available that lets you create explainer videos without any restriction. But the features in the free version are quite limited. Eventually– if you want to scale your production capacity– you have to get the paid version(which is quite cheap).

My recommendation

MySimpleShow is one of the most ingenious software for people who want to create videos to spread a particular message or just share information. You not only can upload the videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo but can also use MySimpleShow as a medium for communication with your remote team(if you are an employer).


As I already mentioned above, MySimpleShow has a free version that can be accessed with your Gmail or Facebook credentials. Fun and Education plans are completely free. Only the business version of this software is paid. The business version is available for $129 per month and the pro version for $499 per month.