Moving from Gmail to Thexyz

Back in 2005 when Gmail was launched, they offered users a whooping 1GB of free storage and a lightweight, easy to use web interface. Back then it was a dramatic improvement to alternative services where you were lucky to get 100MB. Gmail was a welcomed change for many, myself included. Fast forward ten years to 2015 and you’ll find many ditching their Gmail account in favor of Thexyz, a move that has been long overdue.  Many may wonder why people would opt to pay for email when Gmail offers it for free.

Moving from Gmail to Thexyz

One of the main reasons for a change in email provider is that people have come to the conclusion that they want their email to be reasonably private. I am really not fond of the idea of Google scanning my email data to pull out information about my likes and buying habits. The ease of use, storage space and speed that Gmail offered used to offset any issues I had with privacy, but now this no longer justifies the service in my mind.

Back in the early days of gmail, I really enjoyed the speed. Now as millions of users have adopted the free service and the service and undoubtedly slowed. The webmail of gmail has also become more confusing to use, with more unnecessary features that I don’t need. I’ve found Thexyz to be a worthy alternative. It’s not a free service, but much faster than Gmail and the web interface is simple and clean.

Another change in Gmail that really bothered me was the introduction of the promotional tabs. I’m aware these tabs can be now be turned off, I am not a fan of how these new features are automatically forced on users. At the end of the day, I’d rather pay Thexyz for an equal or greater amount of storage, reliability, and speed than Gmail. I will no longer have to put up with the ads, the privacy concerns, or the automatic feature changes. Even using a free service like Gmail, you’re already paying, just not with money. Your data is routinely analyzed and sold to marketers, something that Google is very good at doing.

The transition to Thexyz was very smooth. I just needed to edit the domain DNS records and using Thexyz’s email migration tool to transfer ten years worth of email from Gmail. I was still able to use and access my email through Thexyz during the migration process. I was impressed how well it converted the Google labels back into folders.

Thexyz webmail is very clean and easy to navigate, the settings menu has some powerful features that will make keeping my email organized, a breeze.

If you’re looking for a new email provider comparable to Gmail, I can recommend Thexyz without hesitation.