Mind-blowing Tools for React Developers

Are you a newbie software developer currently working on React.js (one of the most popular JavaScript front-end libraries)?

React is a component-based library used to develop intelligent user interfaces that are capable of interacting with the program logic. React is amazingly organized with the help of components. Several components come together to form one large application.

It can be cumbersome for a newbie to deal with all these components in a single application. Hence, the tools mentioned in this post are reckoned to make programmers’ life easier.

Tools for React Developers

Here are the mind-blowing tools for React developers in 2019

1. React-Proto

React-Proto is a prototyping tool for developers and designers. It is created and made available on Github by Blessing E Ebowe, Brian Taylor, and Erik Guntner. This desktop-based software is perfect for a developer/designer who struggles with the visualization process. Usually, newbie programmers are the one who needs tools like this to get their programming journey started without any unnecessary stoppages.

This tool for React Developers lets you envision the application and eject it in the form of a ready-to-run project. You can also integrate this prototype in one of your previous projects; in case you are testing out additional modules to your already existing project.

2. Create React App

Want to start creating react apps without any previous programming experience?

Create React App might be just the right tool for you. The modern features of these apps let even amateur software developers create fully functioning apps– that too, by running just one command (npx create-react-app my-app).

To get started, you don’t need to install or configure any separate tool. Everything is pre-configured so you can solely focus on programming itself. Also, your machine needs to have Node 8.16.0 or Node 10.16.0 or a later version to be able to run this open-source tool.

3. Guppy

Guppy is an application manager and task runner for React developers. It was created by Joshua Comeau. And it also has an active community of software developers working tirelessly to make it better each day.

Are you scared of “the terminal“? The terminal is an inscrutable box of cryptic and indecipherable commands

Learning how it works might help you gain a better understanding of the application but it is not a prerequisite. By using Guppy on your computer, you can eliminate the need to learn how the “the terminal” works.

4. React Bits

React Bits is a compilation of React Patterns, techniques, tips, and tricks. They have amazingly simple and easy-to-understand documentation that consists of all the necessary details. You can learn Design Patterns and Techniques, Styling, Handling UX Variations, Anti-Patterns, and much more. By learning the above-mentioned concepts, you will understand how a Reach works– at brass tacks level.

5. CodeSandbox

Ultimately, when it comes to the editor, CodeSandbox is one of the best online editors for web application development. It does all the grunt work for you so you can focus on the fun part of writing the code(which is building logic and writing neat code).

Once a software developer delegates the grunt work to a tool like CodeSandbox, he/she becomes free to focus on things like code optimizations, analyzing npm dependencies, and code debugging.


Most of the above-mentioned tools for React developers have a repository on Github. It is open source and will not cost you a single penny. Building a solid application requires trial and error. Don’t be afraid to integrate the above tools in your applications. Test them out today!.