Make Amazing Movies With PepBlast Motion Pictures

I am into Smartphone photography and click a lot of pictures on my iPhone every day. I was recently looking for an app that I could use to make a slideshow out of my favorite pictures. Also, I wanted to make a small video with pictures and background music. So, I started searching for apps on the App Store and came across this cool app called PepBlast

PepBlast is an app that allows users to create amazing motion picture-styled themes by using their photos.

Make Amazing Movies

The PepBlast app, available for download on iPhone running iOS 6 or later is quite handy if you want to create awesome slideshows with animations and graphics with the photos and images on your phone. There are options to add music, themes and styles to the video or animation created. If you are interested in giving new and interesting effects to your photos and share it with your friends, then this article will give you an insight into how the app works.

To start off, you will need to select a theme which you will use as the main background for your motion picture. There are more than 50 different themes to choose from and each one of them has a unique style that can enhance the way you view your photos.

Once you have selected a theme for your video, you will need to select an audio track that will play in the background along with the video. Again, there are large number of tracks to choose from, with each of them giving a different feel to the video. You can choose the one that best suits the theme you have selected or the images that you have selected for the video.

Now that you have selected the base theme and the track for your motion picture, you will be taken to the main page where you can watch a sample of the video you have created. You will find options to add photos in this section. You can select multiple images from your photo library or take new photos and add them directly to the project that you are creating. There is also an option to change the theme or song from this section. Once you have added all the images and made the necessary changes to your theme and the track, you can watch a preview and save the project on your phone. There is an option to share the project online as well.

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to liven up your photos, then this is the app for you. This app is very easy to use and you can create amazing videos in a breeze. PepBlast allows for in-app purchases and an option to upgrade to PRO where you will have more than 1000 songs and themes to choose from.

PepBlast is currently available on the iOS platform and can be downloaded from the App Store. If you are an Android user, don’t get disappointed as the app will soon be making its entry in the Google Play Store.

So get started by downloading the app onto your phone and create some awesome projects with your photos.

Feel free to use the comments section below for any queries or opinions that you may have about the app.