JioSaavn Music App Review

Are you a big fan of Bollywood music? Do you download Hindi soundtracks from shady websites?

Downloading or streaming audio from shady websites can cause you more trouble than you think. Not only these websites are riddled with malware but the moderators also try to steal sensitive information from the visitors. Why trade your personal information for a song that you can listen for free anyways?

JioSaavn Music App Review

Jio Saavn is a music app that offers you more than 45 million soundtracks from your favorite Bollywood movies. It also contains some American and British music but mainly it is used by listeners of Indian origin. In addition, the ad-supported version of this app is completely free.

About the Creator of JioSaavn

Jio Saavn is a music streaming service for Bollywood fans. The firm Saavn, LLC was founded in the year 2007 by Anjali Naik, Anurag Gupta, Paramdeep Singh, Rishi Malhotra, Vinodh Bhat. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India. March 23, 2018, Reliance Industries Ltd are partial owners of this app. This is why the app was renamed as “Saavn” to “JioSaavn”.

Key Features of JioSaavn Music App

1) The only free app for Hindi music: It’s true that in 2020, there are some decent apps that allow you to stream Hindi music for free, but most of them do not offer original and high-quality music. JioSaavn is the only legit app for Indian music lovers.

2) Make the best of top Hindi radio stations: Along with Bollywood songs, the JioSaavn app also lets you listen to top radio stations in India. No matter what your regional language is, you will find radio stations that cater to listeners from your region. 

3) JioSaavn is often compared with Spotify and Apple Music: In a report by TechRadar, experts compared JioSaavn to top international music-streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music. As of now, this app is popular in India. They believe that JioSaavn can one day reach the international audience as well.

What I Like About JioSaavn Music App

I like that JioSaavn has now provided an option to enable lyrics as well. Earlier this was not the case. I don’t know if this a ploy to catch their competitors but a lot of people including me appreciate this gesture. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand a particular singer. Also knowing the lyrics makes it easy to sing along.

What I Don’t Like About JioSaavn Music App

One downside that a lot of other users have also reported is the app doesn’t stay put if the song is interrupted by an incoming phone call. It app either freezes or shuts down. I hope the developers of this app take notice of this persistent issue.

My Recommendation

I recommend JioSaavn Music app to anyone who likes Hindi or any other regional music (in India). Even people located in other countries can use this app flawlessly.


The ad-supported version of this app is free for Android, iOS, and Windows phone users. And the ad-free and enhanced Pro version can be purchased for ₹ 99/month or ₹399/year.