Introduction to Google Advertising

Any internet user would recognize Google as the most widely used search engine. Currently, Google is utilized by up to 80% of internet users all around the world to help them find whatever they need on the internet. This number is huge. This also means that Google has a huge business potential because there are so many potential buyers and customers using the system to find products or services that they need online.

Introduction to Google Advertising

That’s why a lot of businesses are trying to rank their websites in Google search as a way to get more traffic. In order to rank on the first page of Google search results where most of the traffic exists, there are various SEO (search engine optimization) techniques you need to apply. By investing a lot of time and effort, your website will gradually move to better positions in Google, but it’s not always easy. If your website is new and you are competing in a competitive niche with competitive key terms, then it could be very difficult for your website to climb up on search results pages.

Fortunately, Google is giving your website an opportunity to appear on the first page easily by using Google advertising service or commonly known as Google AdWords. While the organic search results appear on the left side of the screen, the search results from the Google AdWords campaign will appear on the right side.

When using this Google marketing feature, you simply need to write a three-line advertisement and specify the key terms that you want your website to rank for. You should also add a link to your website. Just like any other advertisement method, you also need to pay if you want to advertise on google. The rate varies depending on the competitiveness of your key terms, but basically it’s quite affordable and for most businesses, it’s the money worth spending.

The great thing about Google advertisement is that you only pay whenever you get traffic coming from your ad in Google, or also known as pay-per-click (PPC). Furthermore, you could also bid against your competitors who use the same key terms in their Google AdWords campaign. You don’t have to worry that your advertisement budget will blow up, because you actually could limit your maximum daily budget.

Starting your Google advertisement campaign is so easy, you don’t need any technical skills, all you need to do is register a Google AdWords account, pick your keywords, and set your budget. However, in order to have a really effective ad campaign, you need to do some research and monitoring. For example, you may get a lot of traffic from your Google ads but none of them or very few of them convert to become customers. In this particular case, you might have chosen the wrong keywords for your campaign. Not all keywords that can bring traffic also bring sales, that’s why thorough research is necessary so you won’t have to waste your money.

Some important things you need to do in order to make sure you have a successful Google advertisement campaign include keyword research, writing adverts, pricing options, tracking conversions, high-quality leads generation, and campaign monitoring.

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