Internet Tips and Tricks for Better Browsing

We all love browsing the internet in our free time. Well, you actually lose track of time while you are connected to the internet ! There are a lot of Internet tips and tricks to make your browsing experience awesome and to help you save a lot of time. We are sharing 10 tips and tricks that will definitely help improve your browsing experience.

Improve your browsing experience with these awesome Internet tips and tricks

1) Type URL faster

There is no need to type in ‘.com’ every time you enter a website’s url. Just press Ctrl + Enter after typing in the website’s name. The website’s url will be completed and the page will be loaded automatically.

2) Image search in Chrome

Let’s say that you like an image on a website and you are looking for different versions of the same type of image. Do you know that you can search Google with images along with text as well ? It is very simple. Move the cursor over the image that you would like to search, hold the S key and right-click. A new tab will open up in Chrome with similar images. The search may not be very accurate but can be helpful at times.

3) Open last closed tab in Chrome

Closed a tab on Chrome by mistake ? Just press Ctrl + Shift + T and the last closed tab will open up again.

4) Switch and close tabs quickly

Press Ctrl + 1/2/3/4 to switch between tabs. The number indicates the tab number. This is one of the very handy internet tips and tricks to easily switch between tabs. To close a current tab you can press Ctrl + W

5) Access U.S. restricted websites from outside the U.S.

Some of the websites are restricted only to the people browsing from the U.S. and cannot be accessed in other countries. If you want to access these websites, just navigate to This is also called as the U.S.A. version (No Country Redirect).

6) Delete Cache and refresh page

To clear the browser’s cache and refresh the page in one go, just press Ctrl + Shift + R

7) Open task manager superfast

You need not press a Ctrl + Alt + Delete or right-click on the taskbar to open the task manager. Just hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc to access the task manager directly. If you want to end tasks using CLI, you can check out our guide on Command Line Interface

8) Open the incognito tab in seconds

Do you love to go incognito ? Just hit Ctrl + Shift + N to open up a new incognito window in seconds.

9) Download/Listen to free Music

Internet tips and tricks will be incomplete without free stuff, don’t you think ? If you want to download or listen to free music, just enter the below search on Google and hit enter.

-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “Song Name”

You will get thousands of websites with the link to the song. Just replace “Song Name” with the choice of your song.

10) Open Link in a new tab

Tired of using the Right Click and then opening a link in a new tab ? Just use Ctrl + Left Click and the link will quickly open up in a new tab.

I hope that you will find these internet tips and tricks helpful. Do try them and let us know if you have any tip that you would like to share with us in the comment section below.