Intego Antivirus Review

Many users consider the macOS platform much safer than Windows because of its architecture and autonomy. However, it does not mean that macOS adherers should neglect possible security issues at all. It is worth thinking of one’s safety, especially if important data is stored on the computer.

MacOS popularity grows, and hackers become more inventive. Thus, you should have some tools for protection. Considering this, developers create and update antivirus for Mac. For example, Intego its line of antivirus software and made it cheaper and cleaner for Mac users.

Many Mac users have been victims of a misperception that their devices don’t require any additional security layer or tool. But malware and other threats that can harm your network security are quite real. So, Intego offers a decent level of protection for your Mac. Since the Intego packages consistently receive 100% of Mac malware detection, this provider offers far more than just simple malware protection.

Intego security packages designed for Mac users include a comprehensive suite of 5 applications to protect your Mac’s backup. It provides Mac users with efficient real-time protection against malware and other security threats. It also includes ContentBarrier for expanded parental control on the Internet and the Mac Washing Machine X9 application for cleaning and acceleration of Mac performance.

Let’s look closely at the possibilities it has.

Price and Plans

Intego offers the possibility to choose from different plans. Such variety will help to pick up the best option considering the budget. The packages are as follows:

  • Mac Internet Security X9 – $39.99 per year for 1 device
  • Mac Premium Bundle X9 – $69.99 per year for 1 device
  • Content Barrier Secure X9 – $59.99 per year for 1 device
  • Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 – $55.99 per year for 1 device

The most popular and favorable plan among all of these is Mac Premium Bundle X9. It provides additional security features. This package includes Virus Barrier, Content Barrier, Mac Washing machine, Net Barrier, and Personal Backup. You will know more about them in detail further in our review.

Mac Premium Bundle includes data recovery as well if your device is in danger of a crash, and Mac cleaner – the tool for optimization your Mac device. All these are in one single antivirus, along with anti-phishing and anti-spyware functions.

Two-year protection with Premium Bundle package will cost you $129.99 for 1 Mac. In turn, the same 2-year protection within the Internet Security package price is $74.99 for 1 Mac. The Content Barrier package can be purchased at $114.99. Mac Washing Machine Secure package will protect your device for 2 years at $99.99 for 1 Mac. As you can see, picking up the two-year plans will save your money better.

Noticeably, if you are not sure whether Intego is worth buying, you have the opportunity to use their generous 30-day free trial. This period will be quite helpful for deciding whether your experience with Intego was satisfying or not.

Intego Antivirus Pros


  • Straightforward and intuitive interface
  • Real-time protection
  • Powerful firewall
  • Appealing pricing plans
  • High security and reliability level
  • Less performance influence in comparison with the others
  • 30-Day free trial
  • Excellent Customer Support

Straightforward and intuitive interface

Intego is designed in a way which guarantees the user the best experience with its intuitive and concise interface. It is easy ещ to install and set up. Even a novice user will be able to do it. The Home screen design is simple and minimalist. All necessary buttons are visible in the main window. Therefore, the installation and configuration process requires only a few clicks. After two minutes and minimal effort, you get great protection for your device.

Besides, the antivirus software performs the scans automatically. In this case, it is not necessary to run it manually again and again. The intuitive interface provides clear information and displays the important functions on the Home screen.

Real-time protection

Real-time protection, which saves your Mac from threats, is a necessary feature for enhancing your cybersecurity. With the help of this function, Intego constantly checks your device out for any suspicious files and actions while you are drinking your morning coffee.

For instance, VirusBarrier X9 protects your Mac or iPhone 24/7, and you don’t even notice it. It is the top security application in the suite that provides antivirus for your Mac and complete protection against all possible types of malware in real-time. It includes protection against Mac viruses, Windows viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, worms, hacking tools, and other fake security programs.

The app will provide 24/7 protection on your entire device, as well as manual malware scans for your iPhone. The ability to scan a connected iPhone for viruses and remove all malicious files found in the device’s document directories which is built-in VirusBarrier.

Powerful Firewall

One more Intego package provides you such an essential function as a firewall. NetBarrier X9 offers the user a fully customizable two-way firewall. It allows to monitor and block malicious applications with the help of a constantly updated inbound Mac firewall. With NetBarrier, you can configure notifications when an application tries to access your network. Also, it blocks and allows incoming connections for devices, etc.

Intego’s firewall will prevent any unauthorized access to your device. In other words, it will be impossible to hack it through some unsafe networks or applying malicious codes. Intego Firewall prevents the access of any unwanted connections in public access hotspots for your safety. Additionally, Intego checks all downloaded programs and files for their validity and malicious code presence.

Appealing pricing plans

You can get an expression that Intego packages are a bit expensive. However, the price it offers is reasonable, considering the set of features this software provides.

For instance, the best example of the price and quality balance is Mac Premium Bundle X9. It offers virus protection, network protection, content protection. Also, it improves system performance, backs up necessary files and folders, removes duplicates, blocks suspicious emails or spam, and continuously monitors application, checking their validity and safety. You can take advantage of it all for $69.99 for annual protection.

So, you see that Intego offers rather impressive virus protection for a reasonable price. Don’t miss a chance to try it.

High security and reliability level

Due to the features of the iOS architecture, Intego’s creators made considerable efforts in the development of antivirus. Mac operating system does not allow programs to access the data of other apps. Therefore, it is impossible to carry out classic scanning here. Thus, developers created specific software for additional protection.

Additional scanning will eliminate the presence of infected files, which may harm your device. With Intego, you will be sure you won’t send a dangerous file via email accidentally. Also, Intego supports running manual scans of your Mac and automatic daily scans. You can perform a full scan of all folders and files, or a quick scan of the necessary directories where infected files may be located, such as Documents or Downloads.

Less performance influence in comparison with the others

You might think that real-time protection or 24/7 security is something that overloads your device, but it’s not true. Intego was created as lightweight antivirus software. Its protocols and other actions imply the usage of templates that allows scanning the system without any additional loading.

So, Intego does not affect your Mac performance adversely. Intego performs its scans quickly and efficiently. Antivirus does not affect the system negatively, even while a full scan is performing.

Moreover, because of its system-friendly functionality and its ability to delete duplicate files, it clears the storage and provides more space. Premium Bundle X9 regularly cleans up the cache space too. All these increases system speeds and, therefore, boost the performance.

30-Day free trial

Although you don’t have a free version of Intego antivirus, you may try it for free for 30 days. It will be enough to decide whether you are going to use Intego paid packages. If you don’t want to continue at the end of 30 days, you can unsubscribe in two clicks.

Excellent customer support

Integro offers excellent customer support and provides a rich knowledge base. You can even go to their FAQ page, which provided a solution for the most frequent issues. If you don’t find answers there, you can contact Support Team using the Contact Support option. You can also contact them via chat, which is the fastest way to resolve your requests.

Intego Antivirus Cons


  • Isn’t effective for Windows malware detection
  • Doesn’t detect unknown ransomware
  • No Safe Browser

Isn’t effective for Windows malware detection

We should face up to the fact that Intego is not that good at Windows OS malware and virus detection. It is one of the major issues affecting many users globally. Also, it is not always thoroughly scanning all USB, hard drives, smartphones, tablets, connected to your Mac. Besides, malicious files do not have the auto-delete option. However, if you find a new type of virus that the software is unable to detect, you can report it on the Intego website.

Doesn’t detect unknown ransomware

During our tests, we observed that Intego couldn’t detect unknown malware or viruses. It can only scan and deal with known viruses and programs, using signatures. However, we look forward to the next update of this antivirus solution, which will be promising enough.

Frequently Asked Questions about Intego Antivirus We Should Answer

Is Intego a good antivirus?

This antivirus solution is designed for Mac OS specifically, so it does a good job, detecting and removing Macs target ransomware and malware. While Intego claims that the software can also detect Windows target viruses, lab test results demonstrate another truth. The results of the AV test were worse and got 30% of the detection factor.

At the same time, when we speak about Mac target malware, Intego prevents all possible types of viruses. Besides, Mac Premium Bundle X9 is a single option for protection against viruses, spyware, and phishing.

Is Intego any good for 2019?

Intego has many amazing features and packages for its users. Intego can be a good choice for users looking for additional security for their Mac devices, providing additional features like 2-way firewall, parental controls, and backup. It is a reliable antivirus solution that deals with Trojan, spyware, and other types of virus effectively.

Intego Extra Features

Mac Washing Machine X9

This app lets you clean up your Mac with a few clicks, automatically finding and showing files that slow down your computer. This feature includes many customizable filters to view file size and other characteristics and allows you to delete just what you unnecessary folders in a couple of clicks.

ContentBarrier X9

ContentBarrier is a full application of parental control for Mac. It gives the parents complete control over your children’s online activity. It means you can, for example, block web content based on categories, specific URLs, and keywords, or set up a whitelist of trusted sites to make them available. The app also includes the ability to record keystrokes, take screenshots, restrict app access for certain apps, block junk emails or connections to gaming servers and many other functions.

Personal Backup 10.9

This feature is a secure and easy-to-use backup utility that complements the premium package. Personal Backup 10.9 includes everything you need for secure Mac backups. There are backup downloads, scheduling features, and the ability to create customizable backup streams, including backups that exclude certain types of files.


This function is helpful in the situation in which the device user will run a scanner on his own to verify the files being downloaded. In this way, the user can be warned of a malicious attachment or file before downloading it on the device.

How to Install and Setup Intego

You can download the antivirus from the Intego website directly. Depending on the package you choose, you’ll be obliged to pay an annual fee at the end of the first month if you decide to get a free trial within 30 days.

Entering your credit card details will allow you to download the product. After downloading, this file can be found in the download folder.

Find the file and open it. A button for installation of the antivirus will appear. Click install and wait for the installation to complete. You can easily download and install any Intego antivirus solution on your Mac device.

Our verdict

Intego antivirus is excellent for detecting and removing viruses and malware in case of Mac devices. At the same time, Windows virus detection is not that good. But still, if you are looking for an efficient MacOS antivirus solution, Intego is here to satisfy your requirements. Choosing a Premium Bundle package, you can get all your virus, spyware, and phishing protection.

Even though it may seem a bit more expensive in comparison to other brands, it’s certainly worth your attention and money with its wide range of functions. You can even use a 30-day free trial to understand whether you need software before purchasing a subscription. Overall, it’s an excellent antivirus for Mac users who consider their security the most important thing in this crazy digital world.

If you use Intego, please let us know what your experience with Integp leaving a comment below was.