Infinitum Networks Review: IP Lease Made Easy

In today’s world, if you are involved in a business, you need to think on a global level. Scaling out has become the trend these days as it not only improves the profit margin but also increases reach and establishes a global presence. However, a lot of fields like digital marketing, data mining, and SEO agencies find it difficult to scale due to the dependency on local resources, more specifically IP addresses.

Now, you have a solution to this problem. Enter Infinitum Networks – A worldwide provider of IPv4 lease solutions

With Infinitum, you have the power to lease a block of IP address based on your geographic target location. You can then use your geographical presence to set up, establish and scale your business. IP rent was never so easy!

Infinitum Networks Review

What can Infinitum be used for?


A good use case for using Infinitum is for VPN (Virtual Private Network) access. Now, there are a lot of websites and resources on the internet that has a geographic restriction in place. For example Netflix, YouTube, etc. If you are residing in a country where such services are not available and you would still like to access them, you can use a VPN. And this can easily be achieved by using Infinitum.


Pretty similar to geographically restricted websites, there are tons of websites that are restricted on local networks. Let’s take an example of your office or college network. They may block access to various social media websites and forums and you cannot access those when connected to their network. A quick fix for this is to use a proxy network that allows you to bypass the local network restriction and access the websites easily – yet another feature of Infinitum.

Data Mining

Data analytics and data mining are hot selling at the moment and you can be a step ahead from your competitors in this field by using Infinitum. When you use search engines to query something, it generally uses a local domain and the results are affected by the local search trends. But now, with Infinitum you can get access to geo-targeted data from the search engine results. This is all possible because of the geo-located IPs provided by Infinitum.


As discussed above, search results are often influenced by local search queries. If you are a global company or aiming to become one, it is very important for you to think on a large scale. Infinitum allows you to lease IPv4 IPs from anywhere in the world which can be used to gather search result data globally and you can come to know your target audience in a better and broader way. This can help you work out your SEO strategy and boost your overall SEO rankings.

Hosting Services

Reselling hosting can be a good and profitable business. But you should be able to serve customers across various geographies. Infinitum allows you to lease a full block of IP addresses with a dedicated infrastructure that can be used to kick start your own hosting reseller service. Another great advantage of IP rent.

Why should you trust Infinitum for IPv4 lease needs?

Global Presence

Each region has a body that acts as a regional internet address registry. Infinitum covers all of them located worldwide like RIPE, LACNIC, APNIC and AFRINIC. This enables a customer to choose any IP address from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise Class Infrastructure

Infinitum provides an enterprise-class infrastructure to its customers along with offering help with the configuration and getting things up and running. This is great for customers who do not have the technical know-how and readily available expertise to deploy such solutions.

No Hassle Trial Package

Are you apprehensive about using Infinitum service? Not to worry as their hassle-free trial packages can be used to test things based on your business requirements so that you are 100% sure before investing with them. You just need to contact the sales team and they will hook you up with a trial package with no cost involved.

Good Support

Each customer is assigned with a dedicated network manager who takes care of all the infrastructure-related activities and management. So, that you don’t have to worry about networking and can solely focus on your business. Also, the customer service representatives are well qualified and deal with issues properly, maintaining a good level of customer satisfaction.

IP Lease Pricing

The IP rent pricing provided by Infinitum Networks is pretty affordable.

Final Thoughts

Infinitum is a good solution if you are looking for an IP lease for your business or even for personal use for that matter. They are reliable IP providers with good technical know-how and decent support. For more information on their offerings, check out their website.