iFoneMate: The iPhone Data Recovery Software

In order to enjoy the new features on your iPhone such as setting Google maps as a default app, you need to go for jailbreaking iOS 9 on your iPhone. But, it might lead to loss of data

In order to recover deleted notes on iPhone, you need to have a backup of your notes with iTunes or iCloud. But if the backup was not taken, iFoneMate can be used. It is professional, powerful, easy to use software used for easy, quick, and free iPhone data recovery. It helps to recover iPhone notes directly after iOS 9 jailbreaking. It can also recover iPhone contacts, messages, photos, and more.

The three steps to recover data after jailbreaking using iFoneMate are:

Step-1:- Download and install iPhone Data Recovery Software on a computer. Connect iPhone to the computer and open iFoneMate.

Step- 2:- Choose the note icon. iFoneMate will automatically scan you phone.

Step-3:- Preview and choose the notes which you need. Then, by clicking the radiate recovery button you will be able to recover your notes.

To recover data directly using iFoneMate:

Step-1:- Download and install iFoneMate in your computer.

Step-2:- It starts scanning lost contacts automatically after clicking “Start” icon and choosing “Notes” category.

Step-3:- Now you can preview notes in detail and select the ones you need. Recover them by selecting  “Recover to PC”.

If it’s contacts, messages or photos instead of notes, the procedure is almost the same except that you need to select them instead of notes.

The new version of iFoneMate even allows you to recover lost WeChat messages, contacts and attachments from iPhone in case of damage, accidental deletion, system crashing, losing the device, jailbreak failure etc.

The cost for each of iFoneMate(Windows) and iFoneMate(Mac) is USD$ 39.95. You are requested to choose according to the OS you use. You can order it online. Confirmation of the order will be mailed to you. For any queries, the live chat section in the website with highly experienced executives is there to help you out.

The iFoneMat for Mac is compatible with iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10.

So, for iPhone notes recovery, go for iFoneMate and find an easy, economic and 100% safe way to recover your lost data in iPhone.