How to Watch the NHL Playoffs from Anywhere?

For all ice hockey lovers out there, the National Hockey League (NHL) playoffs are a must-watch. Fans all over the world are waiting with anticipation for the Stanley Cup Final, which will be played in mid-June. If you are looking for a way to be part of this experience, without any kind of restrictions, you’ve come to the right place.

The playoffs happen post-season, over the course of four rounds. The final match is called the Stanley Cup Final, and this year, the Vegas Golden Knights will challenge the Washington Capitals in the final match for the trophy. It’s going to be an intense game.

This year the Stanley Cup playoffs started mid-April and are slowly coming to an end. As the biggest ice hockey League in the world, NHL has reached its peak by now. Fans are getting ready to enjoy all the excitement of the final game via live streams. However, there is a slight problem. Geo-restrictions make live streams unavailable in many locations around the world.

And besides this, fans are regularly facing buffering problems, making them miss out on important moments of the game. Not everyone can have a smooth experience. But there is a simple solution to the problem – using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What is a VPN and how does it help?

Simply put, it’s a secure way of reaching the desired online content without any restrictions. And not just this, but you will be able to reach anything on the Internet by also staying fully protected and anonymous. It’s something that has proven to be very helpful, especially nowadays.

The Internet can pose a serious threat to you and your privacy. People are not aware of the dangers that surround them when using an unprotected network. And although it was created with this purpose, a VPN has evolved over the years. Now it serves many purposes, and one of them might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Using a VPN will mask your real IP address and assign you to another one. It’s a genius way of bypassing Geo-restrictions. And a simple one as well. If you want to reach blocked US content, you will have to access one of your VPN provider’s servers located there.

It will mask your real location and make you appear as if you are in the US. By doing this, you can watch the NHL from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a VPN provider. But there is still a thing or two that you need to know.

How can you watch the NHL?

The NHL playoffs attract sports lovers from all over the world. But if you are living outside the USA or Canada, where the matches are broadcast, chances are you can’t follow the games. All of the official US streaming channels for the NHL are restricted to viewers within the country.

Some of them are NBCSNNBC, CNBC, and NHL Network. However, you will need to have valid cable TV credentials or a subscription to the NHL Network. If you are a US resident traveling abroad during the NHL playoffs, the solution is to simply use a VPN to connect to some of these streaming channels.

Of course, presuming you have valid cable TV credentials. However, if you do not you can either use your VPN to subscribe to cable and then access this content or try a different solution.

As an alternative, you can consider accessing NBC Sports, which is available on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and even on PlayStation View. Again, you will need a VPN in order to do this. Keep in mind that unblocking these streaming services requires only a good VPN provider, one that can easily bypass their restrictions.

Best VPNs for watching NHL

When searching for a VPN provider that will allow you to watch the NHL, you need to keep an eye on a few things – the speed, the number of servers, and the overall capabilities to bypass blocked content.

While the main concern for most is bypassing the restrictions, you shouldn’t settle for a basic provider that doesn’t offer other valuable features. What’s the point in accessing the NHL playoffs if you can’t even watch them due to a bad connection causing the most annoying thing – buffering.

If you are looking for some of the best providers for streaming Geo-blocked content, make sure you take a look at the following three.

ExpressVPN Homepage

1. ExpressVPN

Speed, thousands of servers, impeccable security, great privacy policy. With this and much more, ExpressVPN is only one of the best providers in the industry. The company has really put an effort into making ExpressVPN the right solution for everyone and everything.

If you want to be part of the Stanley Cup Final game, by choosing ExpressVPN, we assure you, you won’t be making a mistake. The only problem – it won’t go easy on your wallet.

CyberGhost VPN Homepage

2. CyberGhost

According to both users and experts, CyberGhost is among the top provider in the industry and it’s definitely worthy to take a look at. It’s most popular for its privacy and security features, but this VPN is also great for users around the world that want to access and stream content without any problem.

It has more than 1000 servers in around 60 countries worldwide. Needless to say, accessing US content won’t cause you even the slightest problem.

NordVPN Homepage

3. NordVPN

Last but not the least, NordVPN is also among the top providers in the business. It’s great for streaming because it’s speedy. It offers a large range of servers and server locations and is strong enough to bypass even the strongest restrictions.

Plus, it’s extremely affordable. It has excellent security features, offering you an extra layer of privacy as well as a kill switch and leak protection.

Bottom line, there are ways to watch your favorite games, TV shows, and movies. You just need to invest in the right providers and let yourself taste the Internet with no restrictions whatsoever, no matter where you are.